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Against human trafficking

In this issue, we cover recent developments in abortion, euthanasia, and human trafficking. Abortion and euthanasia are clearly pro-life issues: both involve the termination of innocent human life. This link can be stretched to meaninglessness to include all issues, but all three quite clearly are connected to the devaluing of human beings. Abortion justifies killing by denying the humanity of the child [...]

2010-10-19T06:44:29-04:00October 19, 2010|Editorials|

What is the government’s position on funding foreign abortion?

This past Spring, the Conservative government seemed confused about the message, if not its actual plan, when it came to funding abortion and contraception through its maternal health initiative. When the initiative first appeared in the newspapers, it was reported that Bev Oda, the Minister for International Co-operation and Minister Responsible for the Canadian International Development Agency, was being advised by the [...]

2010-10-19T06:41:57-04:00October 19, 2010|Politics, Society & Culture|

Two pro-life veterans to share insight, experience at international

Two leaders of the international pro-life movement, who have more than three-quarters of a century of pro-life experience between them, will be in Ottawa Oct. 28-30 for the Building a Global Culture of Life conference. Dr. Jack Willke, president of the International Right to Life Federation, began working in the pro-life movement in 1971. John Smeaton, national director of the Society for [...]

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Pro-life evangelical youth to address Ottawa conference

One of the speakers at the 2010 International Pro-Life Conferenc, Building a Global Culture of Life, will be Faytene Kryskow, an author and influential young speaker involved in full-time Christian ministry in Canada. She provides leadership for TheCRY Canada and the MYCanada Association. She told The Interim that “TheCRY mobilizes the church from across denominations and generations in full days [...]

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For those who don’t like (certain) pro-life messages

Writing about the pro-life students are Carleton University who were arrested for taking part in the Genocide Awareness Project, Michael Coren says in the forthcoming (November) Interim which goes to press later this week: If anybody walking past the display didn’t agree with it they only had to do what social conservatives have been told to do for decades every time they complain about [...]

2010-10-18T12:55:01-04:00October 18, 2010|Soconvivium|

Carpay on UCalgary

Lawyer John Carpay in the Calgary Herald on the free speech battle of pro-lifers at the University of Calgary on an important and overlooked aspect of this issue: the status of the university as a public institution: The U of C tells Alberta taxpayers that it is "a place of education and scholarly inquiry" with a mission "to seek truth and disseminate [...]

2010-10-18T09:55:38-04:00October 18, 2010|Soconvivium|

Moderation in the defense of life is no virtue

A great story about Father Simon Lobo, brother of Ruth Lobo who was among five students arrested two weeks ago for peaceful pro-life witnessing at Carleton University in Ottawa. Says Fr. Lobo: "I can’t be a moderate pro-lifer any longer. It’s become something that’s drawing the line in the sand for a lot of people." Being moderate means tolerating the assault on the liberty of [...]

2010-10-16T16:57:54-04:00October 16, 2010|Soconvivium|

NARAL lameness

I am entirely unimpressed by the choices that NARAL Pro-Choice America is giving people for their 2010 pro-choice slogan contest for stickers to be distributed at the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies on October 30. These are the five finalists: Vote Pro-Choice. Politicians Make Crappy Doctors. Restore Sanity: Vote Pro-Choice! Just Another Sane, Pro-Choice Voter. Sanity is Voting Pro-Choice! Pro-Choice is the Sane Choice [...]

2010-10-15T10:04:45-04:00October 15, 2010|Soconvivium|

Nova Scotia says no to online gambling

The Halifax Herald reports that the Nova Scotia government of NDP Premier Darrell Dexter has said the province will not get into the business of online gambling. However, the argument he makes against expanding government-run gambling is really an argument against government making gambling available anywhere: gambling can be harmful and therefore the province should not be in the business of making gambling easier. But the [...]

2010-10-15T07:52:45-04:00October 15, 2010|Soconvivium|

International pro-life conference in two weeks

The Building a Global Culture of Life international conference in Ottawa begins in two weeks. has a story about it here. Speakers include Dr. Jack Willke, Michael O'Brien and Lia Mills, who made a splash on YouTube as a pre-teen. Register for the conference here.

2010-10-14T17:29:01-04:00October 14, 2010|Soconvivium|

The importance of municipal elections

Dianne Wood reminds us why municipal elections -- mayor, city council and (although she doesn't mention them) school boards -- are worth paying attention to and demanding that elected representatives even at that level (perhaps especially at that level) need to have a good moral compass. On a purely pragmatic level, municipal politics is often the minor league training ground for provincial and federal [...]

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More Bredford decision fallout

The latest news on the decriminalization of prostitution in Canada: sex trade workers in British Columbia are, like their counterparts in Ontario, challenging the restrictions on their trade. In Ontario, the decision has been stayed for four months while the appeal is heard. For a good review of the legal issues in Bredford v. Canada,see Umair Abdul's October 12 post at; although [...]

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LifeCanada looking for executive director

We've been asked to pass this along: LifeCanada – a national organization representing local and provincial educational pro-life groups in Canada – is seeking to fill the position of Executive Director for its office located in Ottawa. The ideal candidate will have a sound knowledge of all life issues including abortion and euthanasia; excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; strong leadership [...]

2010-10-13T11:43:13-04:00October 13, 2010|Soconvivium|

The atheist delusion, continued

Interim friend and contributor Harley Price has posted part two of his series, "The Atheist Delusion: How the Religion of Progressive Thinking Poisons Everything." We noted the publication of part one last week. Price packs more into a paragraph than either Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens can in an entire chapter: In a chapter of twenty-plus pages, Dawkins flogs himself through the Old [...]

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