Latimer granted full parole

On Nov. 29, child murderer Robert Latimer was granted full parole. Latimer, 58, was convicted in 1997 for second-degree murder after the 1993 gassing death of his daughter Tracy, then 12 and who had cerebral palsy. Latimer, a Saskatchewan farmer, was granted day parole in March 2008, but last year the parole board refused to grant him full parole. He [...]

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A father’s reaction to Latimer’s parole

Robert Latimer has been granted full parole. I am not surprised by the decision, just ticked off. It sends a terrible signal to society that the life of a person with a disability is less valuable than the life of an able-bodied person. That is sick, perverse and dehumanizing. Canada is better than that. As the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s Alex Schadenberg says, “the EPC has [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada The trial of Don Spratt and Cecilia (Sissy) von Dehn, charged in June 2009 with breeching British Columbia’s Access to Abortion Services Act, will continue on March 16. Four days of hearing in October 2010 were insufficient to hear all the testimony. The law prohibits pro-life witnessing within 50 meters of an abortion facility, and von Dehn was carrying a sign [...]

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Gibbons case goes on

At the conclusion of a hearing into Linda Gibbons’ case on Dec. 14, Judge Mara Beth Greene reserved a ruling on an abuse of process application until Jan. 12. This ensures that Gibbons, who refuses to sign bail conditions requiring she stay away from abortion sites, remained imprisoned over the Christmas season. Arguments for and against a judge hearing the [...]

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Predictable polygamy

With the polygamy case in British Columbia, there has been a lot in the media about polygamy. It is certainly good copy, a real-life Big Love. Our lead editorial in the January issue noted that in an age of same-sex 'marriage' it was only a matter of time until plural marriage became legal. If the gender doesn't matter, why then should the number? [...]

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Do we really need to get along?

Jeff Jacoby has a column in the Boston Globe about the evasions surrounding pro-abortion rhetoric, starting off with calling abortion anything but abortion (choice, reproductive freedom, etc...). Definitely worth reading although there won't be much new to most people who have thought about the issue. I take some issue with the conclusion, however: Abortion is always a violent and awful thing, whether it [...]

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A humour column on abortion?

Joe Campbell is a very funny writer, but our Light is Right columnist had reservations about tackling abortion directly. That is understandabe; the topic does not easily lend itself to laugh-lines and comic asides. I think Campbell hit a homerun of a column this month in "Parsing 'pro-choice' prose," which shreds the rhetoric and arguments of abortion advocates. A sample: Maybe rights depend on location, and carry [...]

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Salute those in DC March for Life

We congratulate and applaud all those who are commemorating Roe v. Wade by participating in the March for Life in Washington DC, in sub-freezing temperatures. Since Roe, 50 million American babies have been killed in utero. It is not a day worth celebrating as President Barack Obama believes, but a day of mourning and a day to re-commit ourselves to renewing the Culture of [...]

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Philadelphia House of Horror

Here's the first draft of our February cover story about Philadelphia abortionists Kermit Gosnell. House of horrors Philadelphia abortionist faces 39 charges in connection with death of woman, seven newborns Paul Tuns A Philadelphia abortionist has been arrested in connection to the murders of a pregnant woman and seven newborn babies in a case that has garnered international attention. On Jan. 19, [...]

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Parsing ‘pro-choice’ prose

I thought I knew what pro-choice means. I guess I don’t. In fact I have difficulty with most pro-choice language. Take sex-selective abortion. It’s about expectant couples who prefer sons to daughters and use ultrasound to find out what they’re going to have. If it’s a daughter, they abort her. When I learned that pro-choicers are against sex-selective abortion, I [...]

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The barbaric vision of progressive heroes

There is nothing right or left-wing about pro-life, but pro-lifers are repeatedly and ridiculously condemned and dismissed as being on the right. Life, however, is more important than political labels. But while we know of the murderous fascists of the 1940s, we need to understand something of those assumed to be the good guys – the socialist thinkers and writers [...]

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Legal euthanasia under-reported, open to abuse

A study published in the Oct. 5 British Medical Journal found that nearly half of all euthanasia deaths in the Flanders region of Belgium were not reported. This study combined with the recent study that was published in the CMAJ in May 2010 that indicated that 32 per  cent of all euthanasia deaths in the Flanders region of Belgium were without request [...]

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Predictable polygamy

When the Ontario Court of Appeals ruled that the immemorial definition of marriage as the union between one man and one woman violated the equity provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, social conservatives opposed the short-sighted and egregious activism of the court on many grounds. We argued that, in addition to misunderstanding (and far exceeding) the proper bounds of the [...]

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Selling babies no answer to abortion

NRO's Robert VerBruggen writes about abortion being little more than birth control (every year 2% of women of child-bearing age have an abortion and half of them are not having their first!) and the article has numerous important and interesting facts that are not widely known but which go a long way to raise doubts about the abortion license. However, VerBruggen raises [...]

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Abortion: safe, legal and everywhere

LifeSiteNews reports that the Planned Parenthood Federation of America is committed to ensuring that every one of its 85 regions and affiliates has at least one facility that offers surgical abortions. This will be possible likely due to ... wait for it ... Obamacare. There is more about the PP abortion mandate in this Newark Star-Ledger article, which reports that in New Jersey alone, it is [...]

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