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Talking about the HRC’s hierarchy of victims

Kathy Shaidles talks with Brian Lilley on Sun News about the human rights commission industry and the hierarchy of official victims (whites and Christians at the bottom). Well worth the nine  minutes it takes to watch. They also talk about Catholic schools being bullied into accepting gay-straight alliances and Shaidle says that "next week it will be some new thing" because to keep the [...]

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Suppressing the abortion debate

An excellent column by the Ottawa Citizen's David Warren on the lack of abortion debate and  how impossible it is to have a discussion on this matter, mostly due to the hysterical reaction of those on the pro-abortion side. Warren says: There is no avoiding the issue, except through suppression. The pretence that the commission of an abortion is “a moral decision” in which [...]

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Quebec committee recommends legalizing euthanasia

The Select Committee on Dying with Dignity Committee, commissioned by the Quebec National Assembly to study euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, released it’s report, “Dying with Dignity,” on March 22. The committee called for the province to legalize euthanasia, suggesting modest restrictions that anti-euthanasia groups say do nothing to protect the vulnerable.   Ignoring federal Criminal Code prohibitions on euthanasia and [...]

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Prostitution restrictions lifted by Ontario court

On March 26, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld most of a 2010 Ontario Superior Court decision that struck down restrictions on prostitution. In 2010, Judge Susan G. Himel ruled that the provisions of the Criminal Code that restricted abortion – prohibitions on keeping a common bawdy-house (brothel), living off the avails of prostitution, and communicating for the purpose of prostitution [...]

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EPC rejects Quebec euthanasia proposal

The Select Committee on Dying with Dignity Committee in Quebec released its report today recommending that Quebec ignore the federal law that protects all Canadians, by legalizing euthanasia according to the Belgian model. The report defies Parliament’s overwhelming defeat of a similar bill to legalize euthanasia by a margin of 228 to 59, after a full-debate and across party lines. The [...]

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Prostitution and Chartered rights

On March 26, the Ontario Court of Appeals upheld a perverse 2010 decision which ruled that the Criminal Code’s laws prohibiting keeping a common bawdy house and communicating for the purpose of soliciting prostitution violated Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Without a thought for the victims of prostitution, the lower court struck down these prudent legal protections on [...]

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Court continues legacy of judicial excess

What is the proper role of a judge in a constitutional democracy? Prior to the 1970s, there was no dispute over this issue within the legal professions of Canada and the United States: Almost all lawyers, law professors and judges agreed that, in essence, a judge should interpret and apply established legal principles, while respecting the exclusive authority of elected [...]

Get my new book

I’ve argued many times that the pro-life position is not essentially Christian, but an argument based on indisputable scientific truths and universal logic. The reason Christians are so enraged by the slaughter of the innocents, and so active in the campaign to end it, is that Christianity is God-given, that God created us, and thus as Christians we are especially and particularly [...]

March for Life reflections

Lou Iacobelli at Everyday for Life Canada has some thoughts on last week's record-breaking National March for Life. Dunn Media has a short video that captures the March, both on Parliament Hill and in the streets. We'll have extensive coverage of the March in the forthcoming June edition of the paper.

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Media is finally noticing pro-life youth

The Toronto Star took notice of the growing number of young people involved in the pro-life cause with a front-page article in today's paper. Good for them. The article is fair and balanced, but there is a factual problem with the second paragraph: Pro-lifers will rally on Parliament Hill by the thousands Thursday for the March for Life, an ever-growing annual rally [...]

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Going gaga over 30th anniversary of Charter

The media and Liberal Party partied like it was 1982 and wondered why not everyone wanted to join them. But as pro-lifers warned in the negotiations leading up to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it has been a flawed document, divisive and undemocratic. Worst of all, for all the trumpeting of its protection of individual rights, it does nothing to protect [...]

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Parents demand McGuinty drop Bill 13

Between 1500 and 2000 concerned parents and taxpayers turned out for a hastily organized protest at Queen’s Park to call upon the McGuinty government to drop its so-called Safe Schools Act, calling the supposedly anti-bullying bill a Trojan horse to introduce gay activism into the schools and undermine parents as the primary educator of their children when it comes to matters [...]

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