20th anniversary of Casey decision

Ed Whelan looks at the 20th anniversary of Planned Parenthood v. Casey and says: By a vote of 5 to 4, the Supreme Court bungles an opportunity to dismantle the regime of Roe v. Wade and to restore abortion policy to the democratic processes. In Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Justices O’Connor, Kennedy, and Souter combine to produce a joint opinion so breathtaking in [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada MP Maurice Vellacott (CPC, Saskatoon-Wanuskewin) compared abortion to bullying: “In light of this new awareness of bullying, consistency and credibility demands that we tackle the most cruel and most common bullying of all – the bullying, and ultimately killing, of babies in the womb” … Halifax freelance writer Lezlie Lowe writes in the Chronicle-Herald that Mother’s Day is a great day [...]

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New book provides balanced examination of problem gambling

Problem Gambling in Canada by Lorne Tepperman and Kristy Wanner (Oxford, $21.95, 240 pages) The Ontario government recently announced its plans to overhaul the provincial gambling system. According to Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, this would increase revenue and job opportunities. The overhaul would include a new casino in the Greater Toronto Area, an expansion in lottery ticket sales and slot machines, and [...]

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Q & A with Donald DeMarco

Editor’s Note: Editor Paul Tuns spoke with frequent Interim contributor Donald DeMarco by email. DeMarco, a prolific author, professor emeritus at St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, Ont., and an adjunct professor at Holy Apostles College & Seminary in Cromwell, Conn., was recently named a Senior Fellow of HLI America, an initiative of Human Life International. Some of his recently writings [...]

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Marrying yourself

Ray Pennings of Cardus discusses Nadine Schweigert and "a world without love." Pennings says Schweigert sounds surprisingly reasonable, at times even noble, but that ultimately with our now different understandings ("when words cease to have shared meaning, life becomes so much more difficult") of what were once common ideals,  we are in serious trouble as both a society and individuals.

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Elementary schools encourage students to cross-dress

Blazing Cat Fur exposes the Toronto District School Board's plans to have elementary schoolboys cross dress. BCF knows this because he's read the curriculum guide used in the TDSB (and which gay activists, school trustees and Liberal/NDP politicians will claim is a figment of the imagination of 'homophobes'). BCF says: "The Guide is entitled Both/and..  This section makes it plain that students [...]

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The graphic image double standard

Campaign Life Coalition's Matt Wojciechowski looks at the new federal anti-smoking warning labels featuring graphic messaging and wonders why the government doesn't also require warning labels for abortion. Wojciechowski says: If the Ministry of Health can regulate one industry by mandating the use of graphic and disturbing images on their products in order to reduce consumption and save lives, why aren’t they [...]

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The war on women

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen this level of outrage from women,” said Carolyn Egan, spokesman and pro-abortion activist for the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, in a press release regarding MP Stephen Woodworth’s introduction of a motion to create a committee to re-examine whether an unborn child should be considered as a legal person under the Criminal Code. “Women are [...]

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The Charter and the death of Canada’s soul

I agree with the critics. We Canadians don’t reflect enough on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We shouldn’t have devoted more time to commemorating the sinking of the Titanic than the signing of the Charter. The signing of Charter was by far the greater disaster. Oh, I know that the Titanic facilitated a voyage of death and the loss of [...]

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Pornography, the silent killer

A heart attack has been dubbed the silent killer. Does pornography rate with a heart attack? Pornography, which has permeated our society, has the effect of a heart attack, although it may not kill as instantly as a heart attack, but can be as deadly. It has the potential to kill a marriage, kill the family bond, and cause much heartache and [...]

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Growing old

Oct. 9 is a very ordinary date for some, but a very special one for me. It’s the birthday of two people I love very much indeed: my late mother and my son Oliver. Ten years ago, shortly before mum died, they managed to spend Oct. 9 together. One with so much to look forward to, with all of the [...]

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The United Nations is obsessed with sex

After a two year hiatus, Campaign Life Coalition returned to the United Nations on April 23-27, 2012, to attend the Commission on Population and Development in the 45th session of the UN’s Economic and Social Council. The theme of the meeting addressed “Adolescents and Youth.” Together with other pro-life non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children [...]

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McGuinty lose his political smarts?

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty never dreamt that seeking rival MPPs to join him in his precarious minority government, in order to give him the majority he so eagerly sought, would be like sliding off the proverbial roof of a cattle barn into the biggest -gosh-darn load of fresh manure Prince Edward County had ever seen. No matter what Dalton says or what [...]

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The Hunger Games and teenage angst

When The Hunger Games opened in theatres this past March it was a sensation, earning over US$150 million in its first weekend and becoming the third highest-grossing opening weekend of all time. Dealers in hindsight told us we shouldn’t have been surprised – 17.5 million copies of the Suzanne Collins’ original young readers sci-fi novel had been sold in the U.S. by [...]

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Response to Carter decision

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has provided six talking points in response to the Carter decision. Here's an important one: Canada prohibited capital punishment based on the possibility that the death of an innocent person may occur. Euthanasia and assisted suicide may result in the deaths of people without request or consent. Canada needs to continue prohibiting euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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