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Canada Political pundit Lawrence Martin wrote two columns for and the Globe and Mail focusing on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “evangelical creed as being at the root of much of Conservative policy-making” in which he compared Harper’s membership in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church to “Mackenzie King’s table-rapping séances and spiritualism” … Womanspace is launching an initiative to attack M-312, [...]

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Assessing culture power

A convention for liberal activists was held in Providence, R.I. in mid-June, 2012. The opening speaker, who will remain nameless out of respect to her ancestry, is a Democratic congressional candidate. She called the attendees to exercise “culture power” and urged women who had had abortions, as well as those who supported these women, to stand. She then said to [...]

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The culture war and the chicken restaurant

American fast-food chain Chick-fil-A has come under fire for its president’s stance on the traditional family. During an interview with The Baptist Press, CEO and president Dan Cathy said he was “guilty as charged” regarding being pro-family. “We are very supportive of the family – the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family owned business, a family-led business, [...]

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Highest BC court upholds exemption allowing assisted suicide for Gloria Taylor

In an August 10 ruling, Justice Jo-Ann Prowse of the British Columbia Court of Appeals, the highest court in the province, permitted ALS patient Gloria Taylor to retain a constitutional exemption allowing her to end her life by assisted suicide or euthanasia. Taylor was granted the exemption in June by Lynn Smith of the B.C. Supreme Court. Prowse’s ruling also cancelled Smith’s [...]

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Media ignores violence against pro-family group

The man who has been extolled as a “hero” after putting a stop to what could have been a much worse tragedy at the Washington D.C.-based Family Research Council (FRC), has been released from hospital. Leo Johnson was shot in the arm August 15 shortly around 10 am, after confronting a gunman who allegedly walked into FRC’s building, expressed disagreement with the [...]

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Youth shine in response to challenge

Young people like challenges. They like the opportunity to express themselves on a public issue that matters. The Father Ted Colleton Scholarship offers senior high school students a wonderful and meaningful challenge. Now entering its 12th year, the scholarship program continues to be co-sponsored by The Interim and Niagara Region Right to Life. The program calls on students to write an essay [...]

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Got to fight back

In a shameful display of peevishness, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty recently tightened the Access to Information of public information on Ontario abortion statistics making it very difficult for the public to investigate these figures. This has made a strong case for accusations of taxpayer abuse, by hiding the hard facts as to what is going on. It is hard to tell what [...]

2012-10-01T12:29:56-06:00September 28, 2012|Columnist, Frank Kennedy|

Abortion advocates afraid to have the discussion

Editor's Note: This originally appeared at Activate CFPL and is reprinted with permission. The following was submitted as an opinion editorial to the Kelowna Capital News, who did not return calls or emails, and subsequently the Kelowna Daily Courier, who have put us off until as late as today with a consideration to publish. This week is Protect Human Life Week in [...]

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Helen Gurley Brown dead at 90

Helen Gurley Brown, the famous former editor of Cosmopolitan, has passed away at the age of 90. As the Wall Street Journal reported, “Cosmo, as it was called, became the sex and style Bible of single girls worldwide.” Both admirers and critics would agree with that assessment. Donald DeMarco wrote about Helen Gurley Brown and her legacy as an architect of [...]

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New International Right to Life Federation leader is a two-time Emmy winner

On July 31, Brad Mattes, executive director and cofounder of Life Issues Institute, won his second Regional Emmy Award. Mattes is host and executive producer of Facing Life Head-On, a project of the Life Issues Institute, that is broadcast to 100 million homes in the United States and Canada, and the show won its second Emmy in three years. On July [...]

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Crown attorney warns Mary Wagner of tough road ahead

A Crown attorney has warned that Mary Wagner is in for “a tough road” ahead as she faces charges in connection with her arrest at a Toronto abortion site August 15. The Crown attorney, a Ms. Pace, said that her office will be seeking the continued detention of Wagner pending the outcome of hearings into her charges, which include not abiding [...]

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Let’s be clear

Following the reunion, we reminisced about former classmates who hadn’t attended.   “Charlie’s not doing so well,” he said, when I asked about one of them. “He’s living with angina.” “He’s left Gaylene?” “Of course not,” he said. “Charlie and Gaylene are happily married.” As he seemed annoyed, I tried to re-start the conversation. I told him that our old [...]

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Debating when human life begins. Or not. has coverage of the debate on M-312 yesterday that took place over an hour on a Friday afternoon to a packed gallery (so much for no one caring about this issue). It is remarkable that some politicians are afraid of having Parliament examine modern scientific evidence about life before birth to see whether the 400-year-old legal definition of human being in [...]

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College movie offers non-religious thoughts on Christianity

For most families, college is the acid test of their parenting, the point when independence is finally granted and the long years of helicopter parenting (hopefully) cease. In the aftermath of three generations that have embraced youthful rebellion as an inevitable stage of life – an idea almost unheard of a century ago – we send our children off to university (or [...]

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CHP releases document on pro-life incremental legislation

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada issued a position paper outlining its support for various incremental measures to restrict abortion to offer guidance in what it seems as the best ways to limit abortion in Canada on route to eventually eliminating it. The document, signed by party leader Jim Hnatiuk and deputy leader Rod Taylor reiterates the party’s “unequivocal and unwavering [...]

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