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Canada Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth (Kitchener Centre) announced on Nov. 20 that he will introduce a new motion in Canada’s Parliament to promote respect for all human beings before the law. A media advisory stated the motion will “focus on legal recognition of the equal worth and dignity of every human being.” In 2012, by a 91-203 vote, the House of Commons [...]

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Obamacare contraception mandate challenged

The Supreme Court will decide whether the Obamacare contraception mandate can be forced on employers. According to the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which was largely upheld by the Supreme Court in June 2012, contraception must be included by insurance policies. Religiously affiliated non-profit businesses such as Catholic hospitals are currently exempted from the contraception mandate. For-profit businesses are still required to fund [...]

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Name game

Light is Right Joe Campbell Yes, in answer to the musical question, I know what it means to miss New Orleans. In 1981, while holidaying there, I sat in on trumpet with two jazz bands at the Famous Door. Not simultaneously. Successively. Simultaneously would have been understandable, as no one knew what to expect from me. Successively was inexcusable, as [...]

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Evangelical group outlines anti-prostitution strategy

As the Supreme Court deliberates on the constitutionality of Canada’s prostitution laws, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada released a report examining how to put an end to prostitution in Canada. Out of Business: Prostitution in Canada – Putting an End to Demand argues that current laws are ineffective and that any reforms should be based on the “Nordic model.” Prostitution itself is [...]

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Media notices pro-lifers get involved in politics

In it’s Dec. 5 edition, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Campaign Life Coalition is involved in the political process, trying to help get pro-life candidates elected to Parliament. Under the headline, “Anti-abortion group looking to run candidates as Conservatives in Ottawa ridings,” Glen McGregor reported that CLC is calling its supporters in the nation’s capital to encourage them to purchase $15 memberships [...]

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Stella Corbett, pro-life to the end

Toronto Pro-life activist Stella Corbett passed away at the age of 95. On Dec. 1, long-time pro-life activist Stella Corbett passed away peacefully at the Amica Retirement Residence in Thornhill, at the age of 95. The Interim wrote about Corbett in 1991, reporting that she picketed at several downtown Toronto abortuaries as one of the “shepherds of The Way Inn.” [...]

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Consumerism produces a throwaway culture

Michael Coren Journalist for Life Not all pro-lifers are Catholics, but every Catholic worthy of the name should be pro-life. As such, what the Pope says and writes is extremely important for the pro-life community, and after Evangelii Gaudium or “The Joy of the Gospel,” was issued there was enough hysteria to fill a CBC show about the achievements of [...]

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Pro-lifers lament praise for pro-abortion Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Former Nobel Peace Prize winner and South African president Nelson Mandela died on Dec. 5, and was widely praised for his efforts against the apartheid system in his home country. Pope Francis said: “Paying tribute to the steadfast commitment shown by Nelson Mandela in promoting the human dignity of all the nation’s citizens and in forging a new [...]

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Are we trapped in the modern high school forever?

The late modern high school setting, especially in large-urban areas, could be seen as one of the central conceptual structures determining society today. For most of the more decent and reflective people – regardless of the nominal provenance of their outlooks – it is frequently a hellish environment. Indeed, one may ask if we are trapped in the modern high school – [...]

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Doctors call for RU-486 to be allowed in Canada

A doctor and a lawyer are calling for the abortion drug RU-486 to be approved in Canada. Sheila Dunn, research director of the Family Practice Health Centre at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and board member of the National Abortion Federation, and Rebecca Cook, a reproductive law expert at the University of Toronto, wrote a commentary for the Canadian Medical Association Journal [...]

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Over-protective parenting not helping kids

Amusements Rick McGinnis Seven years ago, a New York City columnist named Lenore Skenazy wrote a column about letting her nine-year-old son Izzy take public transit home by himself. Within days, she was at the centre of a media furore that saw Lenore dubbed “World’s Worst Mom,” and found herself made a standard bearer for whatever pushback is happening against [...]

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25 years of Business for Life

Editor’s Note: Campaign Life Coalition has commissioned a series of interviews and articles to help mark the 35 years since the beginning of Campaign Life in 1978. Previous interviews included Fr. Ian Boyd and former MPs Garnet Bloomfield and Tom Wappel. This month, CLC interviewed  members of the board of Business for Life.  For many years, Campaign Life Coalition attempted to establish [...]

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Debating euthanasia

It is difficult to imagine how a fair-minded reader of Debating Euthanasia could come to any conclusion but that Keown is right: euthanasia is an unmitigated evil that can never be justified. Emily Jackson and John Keown are two of the foremost experts on the law as it relates to euthanasia in Britain and the United States. Together, they have [...]

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CLC seeks pro-life trustee candidates

Campaign Life Coalition is running advertisements in the Catholic Register and The Interim “calling all pro-lifers” to “consider running in the 2014 Ontario public and Catholic school board trustee elections.” The push to recruit candidates is a response to amped up sexual education in the schools and CLC is looking for knowledgeable and articulate individuals who can counter the government’s aggressive push [...]

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Is China really easing its one-child policy?

The mainstream media has run misleading stories that Red China is relaxing its one-child policy. The Wall Street Journal reports that the communist government will now allow parents to have two children if one of the parents is an only child. A document released on Nov. 15 after a four-day meeting of top Communist officials, which the WSJ called “the first comprehensive [...]

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