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Why I’ve spent ten of the last 20 years in prison for defending the unborn

Linda Gibbons Editor’s note: Linda Gibbons has been in prison since an August 7 arrest in Toronto while she witnessed to life outside an abortion facility protected by an injunction. Her case goes to trial November 12. She wrote the following letter to explain her ongoing mission. This article is a reflection on my ten years of bearing witness for [...]

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Pro-life club takes University of Victoria to the B.C. Supreme Court

Members of the Youth Protecting Youth pro-life club at the University of Victoria. Does the Charter of Rights and Freedoms apply to Canada’s university students, even if they are pro-life? That was the question before the British Columbia Supreme Court in mid-October, as it heard a petition from the pro-life Youth Protecting Youth club and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association [...]

2014-11-27T09:43:47-06:00November 27, 2014|Pro-Life, Youth Activism|

Bits & Pieces

Canada Liberal leader Justin Trudeau told the CBC that Prince Edward Island should start doing abortions. He urged Islanders to ask whether “the Canada Health Act is being respected and that Canadians have the opportunity to make choices about their own reproductive health.” The CHA does not require that abortions be paid for or carried out in any province. Health Minister Doug [...]

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Christian Heritage Party selects new leader

Rod Taylor waves to the crowd after it was announced he was the new CHP leader. (Photo P. Tuns) On Nov. 6, Rod Taylor was acclaimed new leader of the Christian Heritage Party at their triennial convention in Hamilton, Ont. Taylor, the deputy leader and western regional development director, who has run in the riding of Skeena-Bulkley Valley in British [...]

2014-11-27T09:12:15-06:00November 27, 2014|Announcements, Features, Politics|

PC leadership hopeful slams Liberal government over sex ed

Monte McNaughton demanded Kathleen Wynne release details of her government’s sex ed plans. Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership hopeful Monte McNaughton has challenged the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne over its plans to introduce a sex ed program. In 2010, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government nixed its new sex education curriculum after parents and religious groups condemned the program for being [...]

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Christian audience member kicked out of Toronto mayor’s debate

Police escort Christian activist Iola Fortino from the Toronto mayoral debate at York Memorial Collegiate on Sept. 23. Fortino says she was not the only one interrupting the debate, but was the only one forced to leave the proceedings. During a Toronto mayoral debate on Sept. 23, that was reported to be “raucous” and “rowdy” with the moderator asking for [...]

2014-11-28T09:29:08-06:00November 26, 2014|Politics, Religion|

Canada’s highest court to decide on Christian prayers at city hall

The Supreme Court of Canada began hearing a case on Oct. 14, about whether voluntary prayers at city council meetings as well as displaying religious symbols in city buildings infringe on a person’s freedom of religion. The court will examine whether Mayor Jean Tremblay and the City of Saguenay, Quebec, discriminated against Alain Simoneau, a non-Christian, when he prayed at city council [...]

2014-11-28T09:23:53-06:00November 26, 2014|Religion, Society & Culture|

Montreal Archbishop Lépine receives award from Campagne Quebec-Vie

Campagne Quebec-Vie président George Buscemi présents Montreal Archbishop Christian Lepine with its first Defender of Life Award during CQV's 25th anniversary celebration on Oct. 14. On Oct. 14, Montreal Archbishop Christian Lépine became the first recipient of an award created by Quebec’s leading pro-life organization Campagne Quebec-Vie to honor a member of the clergy who has made an exceptional contribution [...]

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New report calls for support for independent schools

A new report is urging Ontario lawmakers to institute policies that promote school choice. Toward a Warmer Climate for Ontario’s Private Schools, written by emeritus professor Derek J. Allison from University of Western Ontario for Cardus, a think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture, is calling for a  discussion around greater government support for private schools that has [...]

2014-11-28T09:02:45-06:00November 26, 2014|Society & Culture|

Liberal MLA wants private schools defunded

Alberta MLA Kent Hehr, the Liberal representative for the riding of Calgary-Buffalo, wants to end funding to the province’s private schools. In a letter to the editor of the Calgary Herald in July, Hehr wrote, “it is time Albertans decide whether we want to separate our children on the basis of wealth and religion by subsidizing private schools or commit ourselves to [...]

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Six baby bodies discovered in Winnipeg storage facility

The remains of six babies were found in a Winnipeg storage locker and police subsequently charged Andrea Giesbrecht, 40, with six counts of concealing the body of a child. Employees at a U-Haul facility in the city’s West Alexander neighbourhood made the discovery on Oct. 20 after going in to clean out the unit because rental payments were not being made. Original [...]

2014-11-27T10:17:59-06:00November 25, 2014|Marriage and Family, Society & Culture|

Ontario driver charged for fatally injuring preborn baby

The laying of a criminal charge in the high-profile death of a London, Ont. newborn baby injured in the womb will expose the “inconsistencies” of current Canadian law that protects newborns, pro-life advocates say, while ignoring the same children if they have not yet made “the eight-inch journey down the birth canal.” London police announced Sept. 26 the laying of a belated [...]

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Mississauga woman charged with hiding baby’s body acquitted because abortion is legal

A woman charged with leaving the body of her full-term baby daughter wrapped in a plastic bag on her apartment balcony in 2006 was found to be within her legal rights by an Ontario judge. Justice Toni Skarica of the Ontario Superior Court ruled there was a “reasonable possibility” that the mother killed her daughter before birth and then self-aborted before concealing [...]

2014-11-27T09:45:58-06:00November 25, 2014|Abortion, Abortion Law|

Pro-lifers looking for supportable candidate in Ontario PC leadership contest

  The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party is looking for a new leader and pro-lifers who support the party are seeking one that will offer more to social conservatives than recent Tory leaders. The PCs will have a leadership vote the first week of May 2015 and thus far there are five declared candidates: federal Conservative MP Patrick Brown (Barrie), and Ontario Progressive [...]

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Social dysfunction

No one’s really sure who coined the term “social media,” but there’s a loose consensus that it came about almost 20 years ago, in and around AOL and the small but vital nexus of tech companies that were busy birthing the internet as we know it today. What no one seems to dispute is the idea that, with social media, something wholly [...]

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