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Ethical alternative to embryonic stem cells discovered

Scientists have discovered a new kind of stem cell. In the Dec. 10 issue of Nature, a group of international researchers led by Andras Nagy from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto reprogrammed adult mouse cells to create F-cells, a new kind of stem cell that grows in fuzzy-looking colonies. The results came as part of Project Grandiose, an effort by Nagy and [...]

2015-01-11T18:09:26-05:00January 11, 2015|Bioethics|

Coalition opposes Ontario sex-ed changes

Few journalists came to the press conference held by the Coalition for Good Education which represents 200 groups opposing Kathleen Wynne's early sex ed curriculum. Religious and family values groups are condemning the secretive process used by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to foist her government’s sex ed changes on the province’s schools. While the new curriculum has not been released, [...]

2015-02-16T12:47:05-05:00January 11, 2015|Announcements, Features, Politics, Sex Education|

Transgendered children? I think not

Michael Coren Journalist for Life I can’t pretend to understand transsexuals and those who believe they are born into the wrong gender but I don’t have the right to tell people how to behave and what to do with their own bodies once they reach the age of maturity, as long as they spend their own money on any surgery [...]

2015-01-11T17:54:40-05:00January 11, 2015|Michael Coren|

New Brunswick eliminates regulations, funds abortion

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant gutted restrictions on abortion, including a requirement that a specialist carry out the procedure. On Nov. 26, New Brunswick premier Brian Gallant announced the government would increase abortion access in the province by rescinding Regulation 84-20 of the Medical Services Payment Act, which has been in force for more than two decades and required abortion [...]

2015-01-07T08:12:14-05:00January 6, 2015|Abortion, Abortion Law|

College of physicians seeks end to conscience rights for Ontario doctors

The College Council of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons is seeking input during an “external consultation” on a draft policy that would force doctors to do abortions and vasectomies and prescribe contraception, even if it violated their moral or religious beliefs. The OCPS is seeking public input until Feb. 20, which is a continuation of the consultation process that began [...]

2015-01-06T09:55:33-05:00January 6, 2015|Society & Culture|

CMAJ, Society for Family Planning call for more abortion

CLC's Mary Ellen Douglas said a new report is making the same old noises about abortion. A Society for Family Planning (SFP) survey was promoted in the Canadian Medical Association Journal calling for increased abortion access in Canada through the approval of the chemical abortion drug mifepristone, better known as RU-486. Mary Ellen Douglas of Campaign Life Coalition called the [...]

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Assisted suicide bill introduced in Senate

A Conservative and Liberal senator have teamed up to jump-start the stalled debate on MP Steven Fletcher’s euthanasia and assisted-suicide bill. Senators Larry Campbell (Liberal) and Nancy Ruth (Conservative introduced a private member's bill in the Senate that would legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth and Liberal Senator Larry Campbell, both Paul Martin appointees, introduced Bill S-225, [...]

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Looking back at 2014, looking forward to 2015

We at The Interim hope you had a blessed and joyful Christmas holiday and wish everyone a happy new year. In our December 2014 edition, we looked at the top 14 life and family stories from 2014. In our January 2015 edition, we offered some suggestions for resolutions for 2015. As our editorial notes: “Creating a culture of life will not be easy, but there [...]

2015-01-05T12:58:27-05:00January 5, 2015|Soconvivium|

Classical virtues vs. modern values

The Seven Deadly Virtues: 18 Conservative Writers on Why the Virtuous Life is Funny as Hell edited by Jonathan V. Last (Templeton, Press, $28.48, 190 pages) Jonathan V. Last has collected a wonderful array of conservative writers to talk about the seven cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope, and charity, and how they have gone out of fashion. The [...]

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Social conservatism is dead. Again.

It's that time again. A column proclaiming the death of social conservatism in Canada. Or its radical shift in strategy. Can something be dead and shifting strategy? How something that has died as often as the social conservative movement has can die again (or rethink its strategy) is something beyond my comprehension. Putting aside the snark, let's look at what Jen Gerson is [...]

2015-01-03T10:34:30-05:00January 3, 2015|Soconvivium|

Mario Cuomo undermined Catholic teaching on abortion

Former New York governor Mario Cuomo, has passed away at the age of 82. Cuomo was a standard-issue liberal in the 1980s and early 1990s, and that meant he supported abortion. An Italian Catholic, he claimed to be "personally opposed" to abortion while maintaining the obligation to defend the state's laws protecting "a woman's right to choose." The Catholic League for Religious [...]

2015-01-01T23:24:53-05:00January 1, 2015|Soconvivium|

New Year’s resolutions for pro-lifers

In our Christmas editorial, we dared pro-life Canadians to be audacious, to hope for a pro-life future. We repeat from that editorial, our most fervent earthly desire: “What do our hearts truly desire? Even asking this feels like touching an old wound, but we must insist on the question in spite of any pain: what do we long for most? What joy [...]

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Tory Hopefuls Take Issue with Party’s Education Critic on Sex Ed

Monte McNaughton Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Monte McNaughton (Lambton–Kent–Middlesex) has come out against his party’s education critic after the latter backed the Wynne government’s plan to introduce controversial changes to the province’s sex ed curriculum. MPP Garfield Dunlop (Simcoe North) said Dec. 12, that backing the Wynne sex-ed program is in the PC Party’s “best interest,” but McNaughton told LifeSiteNews [...]

2015-01-03T17:48:40-05:00January 1, 2015|Announcements, Features, Politics, Sex Education|
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