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Canada Former Speaker of the House of Commons, Conservative MP Andrew Scheer (Regina—Qu’Appelle) announced Sept. 28 he was seeking the Conservative leadership. Scheer, who was first elected in 2004, has a perfect pro-life and pro-family voting record according to Campaign Life Coalition although he did not vote on bills and motions during his time as Speaker ... Conservative MP and leadership hopeful [...]

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Kenney blasts Alberta’s NDP government over Christian school row

Jason Kenney defends Baptist schools from NDP's pro-LGBQT mandates. Jason Kenney is in a running war of words with Alberta Education Minister Dave Eggen over Christian schools that refuse to implement the NDP-mandated pro-LGBTQ policies. On the campaign trail for the Progressive Conservative leadership, Kenney blasted Eggen for “lobbing rhetorical bombs” at the schools, which are run by the Baptist [...]

2016-10-27T07:28:27-04:00October 27, 2016|Politics, Religion|

Disarray in the Anglican Church of Canada

Rory Leishman Like other trendy Protestant Churches, the Anglican Church of Canada has conformed its teachings over the past few decades to the current pattern of the world on everything from contraception and abortion to same-sex “marriage” (SSM). This once influential denomination has lapsed into a state of theological confusion, ecclesiastical disarray, and near-terminal decline. The chaos came to a [...]

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Progressive solecisms (Part I)

Barack Obama While reassuring the world that “it has nothing to do with Islam,” whenever the Mullahs behead infidels, massacre Christians, stone immodestly dressed women, and castrate gays (in the Middle East, if you want a sex-change operation, your local shariah council will provide it free of charge), President Barack Obama has finally drawn a line in the sand against [...]

2016-10-21T07:00:50-04:00October 21, 2016|Human rights, Politics, Society & Culture|

Trump, Clinton and pro-lifers

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (right is clear she supports abortion-on-demand and has committed to appointing only pro-abortion judges and fighting for full abortion funding. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (left) has changed his views on abortion over the past 17 years, but still lacks clarity on what he would do on the pro-life file as president. On Nov. 8, [...]

2016-10-15T08:57:49-04:00October 15, 2016|Announcements, Features, Politics|

Risky raiment

Light is Right Joe Campbell We were talking about the Ontario Human Rights Commission and how it appears to have betrayed its politically correct roots. We suspected that in warning about female dress in the workplace, the Commission violated a basic precept of feminism. “Oh, the shame of it!” my friend Dingwall said. “Not of the immodesty, let alone the [...]

2016-10-10T11:05:07-04:00October 12, 2016|Joe Campbell|

The majestic sky

Clouds as a gateway to God Red Lodge Montana I spent 20 years of my life running from God. I won’t go into the reasons here – for a long time I blamed poor religious education, but that was just an excuse – but I began my adult life in full flight from questions about God, faith and spirituality. Obviously [...]

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Fighting back

John Carpay You miss 100 per cent of the shots you don’t take, says hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. An old Dutch proverb asserts that “he who makes no mistakes usually achieves nothing at all.” These principles are being tested by courageous Canadians who, by standing up for their own freedom, are defending others’ freedoms as well. Colette Schouten is one [...]

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Don’t give up on politics

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown’s flip-flop on sex-ed may have been a cynical political ploy, but pro-life and pro-family Canadians must resist cynicism about politics. It is true that many politicians are self-serving and opportunistic, including sometimes our friends and allies. It is our job in the pro-life movement to keep their resolve, to have courage in the face of partisan [...]

2016-10-10T11:11:09-04:00October 10, 2016|Announcements, Editorials, Features, Politics|

Sex-ed protests rally against Wynne, Brown at Queen’s Park

An estimated 300-500 people attended the anti-sex ed rally at Queen's Park on Sept. 21. On Sept. 21, parents, grandparents and other concerned Ontarians took part in a protest at Queen’s Park calling on Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne to rescind her controversial sex-ed curriculum and for Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown to step down as Progressive Conservative leader after [...]

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Saskatchewan pro-life leader Denise Hounjet-Roth, RIP

Denise Hounjet-Roth Long-time Campaign Life Coalition Saskatchewan president Denise Hounjet-Roth passed away on August 25 at the age of 59 after a long battle with cancer. Hounjet-Roth was a French Immersion teacher for 30 years, including 28 with Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Since 1989 she also served as president of CLC Sask. Her obituary noted, “It was a calling she had [...]

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CHP sues Hamilton over ad removal

The Christian Heritage Party has announced it will take the city of Hamilton to court after the municipality’s transit system removed three ads from bus shelters that challenged the city’s policy allowing self-identifying transgender men to use women’s washrooms and change rooms. The CHP raised $50,000 in one week when it appealed to supporters to back their legal challenge. On Sept. 21, [...]

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PEI’s new ‘health’ center to begin abortions by 2018

Facing legal pressure from lawsuits launched by abortion activists and political pressure from Justin Trudeau’s federal government, Prince Edward Island Premier Wade MacLauchlan announced earlier this year that the province would reverse its three-decade policy of not committing abortions on the Island. Last month, the Liberal provincial government provided details about that policy, announcing that the new Women’s Wellness Centre in Summerside [...]

2016-10-06T14:19:23-04:00October 6, 2016|Abortion, Society & Culture|

Four pro-life women

Abortion advocates often dismiss the pro-life movement as populated by old white men intent on controlling women’s bodies. A simple look around the offices of any pro-life group or demonstration would dispel the slander. Since the beginning, the pro-life movement has been both populated and led by courageous, faithful women. In the last month or so we have celebrated the lives of [...]

2016-10-06T13:54:48-04:00October 6, 2016|Editorials, Pro-Life|

Abortion pill not covered by provincial drug plans

The day the Globe and Mail reported that the abortion pill Mifegymiso (RU-486) would not be covered by provincial drug plans because it had not passed a bureaucratic approval process, Celopharma Ltd., the Canadian distributor for the drug, said it might seek approval if the costs could be reduced or deferred. Provincial drug plans outside Quebec will not cover pharmaceuticals that have [...]

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