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2018 March for Life successful despite obstacles

The 21st National March for Life, marking the liberalization of abortion by Pierre Elliott Trudeau on May 14, 1969, took place on May 10. Matt Wojciechowski, spokesman for March organizer Campaign Life Coalition, said that there was “a lot of joy in the air,” even with the ongoing discrimination the Canadian pro-life movement has been enduring. Catherine Glenn Foster, president of Americans [...]

World Briefs

International Australian euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has created a suicide machine that can be manufactured on so-called 3D printers. The “Sarco” – short for sarcophagus – is a detachable coffin with a nitrogen container and it is designed to “provide people with a death when they wish to die” the euthanasia doctor told the Agence-France Presse. Nitschke said he has provided safeguards [...]

2018-05-28T12:04:58-06:00May 25, 2018|World Briefs|

US Briefs

United States The U.S. records almost 45,000 deaths by suicide each year, seven out of ten by white males. This does not include the so-called “slow suicides” from prescription-drug overdose, alcohol-related alcohol liver failure, and road accidents linked to alcohol abuse, again prevalent among American white males. In contrast, Germany, the U.K., France and Sweden show holding steady or declining statistics. Princeton [...]

2018-05-28T12:04:04-06:00May 25, 2018|US Briefs|

And then there was this …

Canada Wesley Smith, special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture and a bioethics attorney, has reported that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia has rendered an opinion that one can qualify to be killed legally by a doctor by “starving oneself into an irremediable medical condition,” or VSED (voluntary stop eating and drinking). In order to hasten [...]

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Catholic school board under continued fire for pro-life charity policy

The Halton Catholic District School Board is maintaining its policy of prohibiting charitable organizations that “directly or indirectly” support abortion, contraception, euthanasia, sterilization, or embryonic stem cell research from receiving funds raised in its schools, despite political and parental opposition to the decision. In January, the HCDSB voted to ban any group whose activities directly or indirectly conflict with Catholic moral teaching [...]

2018-05-28T11:53:18-06:00May 25, 2018|Pro-Life|

Feds ban ‘Mr.,’ ‘Mrs.,’ ‘mother,’ ‘father’ to be more inclusive

Radio Canada, the French-language arm of the CBC, reported that Canadian government employees who talk directly to users of government services can no longer refer to those citizens as “sir,” “madam,” or any other gender-specific term while doing so, and must eschew terms like mother or father also. The documents also reveal that “father” and “mother” have been removed from the Social [...]

2018-05-28T11:49:38-06:00May 25, 2018|Marriage and Family, Politics|

Root out white nationalism within our ranks

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke On March 20, 2017, famed white supremacist Richard Spencer declared, “We should recognize that the pro-life movement – this is not the alt-right, this has nothing in common with identitarians … Pro-lifers want to be radically dysgenic, egalitarian, multi-racial human rights thumpers – and they’re not us.” In response, I commented on my Facebook wall, “Well, [...]

2018-05-15T12:25:00-06:00May 15, 2018|Human rights, Josie Luetke|

The cultural impact of the suburbs

Maybe it’s some remnant of our tribal past, but it’s hard for us to leave behind some impulse to fear and vilify whoever lives one village over, beyond the river or in the next valley. We might think we’re sophisticated, cosmopolitan people, but this nascent tribalism is never far from the surface, and I saw it re-emerge with a roar during recent [...]

2018-05-14T12:54:48-06:00May 14, 2018|Announcements, Features, Politics, Rick McGinnis|

What’s wrong with psychiatry?

National Affairs Rory Leishman Paul McHugh, University Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry in the John Hopkins School of Medicine, relates in Try to Remember: Psychiatry’s Clash Over Meaning, Memory and Mind, that he has often put this question to himself and others over the past few decades, having “repeatedly witnessed how faddish misdirections of thought and therapeutic practice sweep across the field to [...]

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Political fallout over summer jobs attestation

On March 19, the Liberals and NDP teamed up to defeat a Conservative motion to drop the Canada Summer Jobs attestation – which requires small businesses and charities to attest to their support of abortion and same-sex “marriage” to qualify for subsidies for summer student employment – for organizations that are not involved in political advocacy. It was a bit of political [...]

2018-05-14T12:48:10-06:00May 12, 2018|Issues, Politics, Society & Culture|

On bubble zones

Since last December, patrons of a Toronto institution have been harassed as they enter. The sidewalk outside is regularly picketed by protesters shouting “Murderer!” and “You’ve got blood on your hands!” at those within, many of whom are visibly rattled by the ordeal. The owners of this institution regularly call the police, but the right to assembly of these protesters is clearly [...]

2018-05-14T13:17:49-06:00May 10, 2018|Bubble Zone, Editorials, Politics|

Bans on peaceful protest wound Canada’s free society

Law Matters John Carpay Banning peaceful pro-life protests near abortion facilities is not about freedom of expression, claimed Alberta’s Health Minister Sarah Hoffman at a recent news conference. Yet she went on to say that her new law has been carefully crafted to withstand a constitutional challenge. Why is the Minister preparing to withstand a constitutional challenge? Because she knows [...]

2018-05-15T12:18:14-06:00May 9, 2018|John Carpay, Politics, Pro-Life|

Liberal Party convention adopts drug and prostitution decriminalization policies

Prime Minister and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau supports decriminalizing marijuana, which his government is adamant will be done by summer, but he indicated he does not support his party's grassroots support to legalize all drugs. An estimated 3000 party members attended the Liberal Party policy convention in Halifax, April 19-21. In advance, a pre-convention online process involving some 6000 party [...]

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Alberta NDP introduces bubble zone bill

Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman says a bubble zone is necessary to protect abortion-minded women. Rachel Notley’s NDP government in Alberta has introduced Bill 9, which, if passed, will ban pro-life witnessing outside the province’s two abortuaries: the Women’s Health Options in Edmonton and Kensington in Calgary. Bill 9, the “Protecting Choice for Women Accessing Health Care Act,” was tabled [...]

2018-05-14T13:19:18-06:00May 8, 2018|Abortion, Bubble Zone, Politics|

British hospitals, courts conspire against life of infant

Alfie Evans, the British infant at the centre of a battle between doctors and his parents about how to proceed with medical care. A year after British infant Charlie Gard captured international attention over a battle between his parents and the hospital over continuing care to allow their child a chance at living, another British case is making headlines around [...]

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