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Trudeau pushes gender agenda at G7 summit

Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is actively promoting "comprehensive sexual and reproductive health" abroad. While media were distracted by the free trade flare-up between U.S. President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the G7 Summit held in Charlevoix, Quebec, June 8-9, focused on not only the standard issues for such meetings, like economic growth, employment, the environment, and global [...]

2018-07-18T09:13:03-04:00July 18, 2018|Politics, Sex Education, Society & Culture|

Irish vote to repeal pro-life constitutional amendment

Ireland's Leo Valadkar said the country will have legal abortion by end of 2018. On May 25, two-thirds of Irish voters approved in a referendum repealing the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution which outlawed abortion on the Emerald Island. The Oireachtas (the Irish parliament) will vote by the end of the year on a proposed law legalizing abortion-on-demand in the [...]

2018-07-18T09:16:54-04:00July 18, 2018|Abortion, Abortion Law, Politics|

Doug Ford becomes premier

Pro-family groups demand sex-ed program be repealed New Ontario Premier Doug Ford has reiterated his promise to repeal the sex-ed curriculum. On June 7, the Ontario Progressive Conservative party won more than 40 per cent of the vote and a majority at Queen’s Park, turfing the Liberal government after 15 years in power. Ford rode a wave of anti-Liberal sentiment [...]

2018-09-07T14:46:45-04:00July 13, 2018|Election, Politics, Sex Education|

Voters care about social issues

Andrew Lawton This year will mark a departure from the usual political boredom summer brings, with a cultural battle brewing and a September deadline looming. At stake is when – not if – Ontario’s controversial sexual education curriculum will be repealed. During the Progressive Conservative leadership race and the general election campaign, Doug Ford was clear: if he wins, the [...]

2018-07-13T15:27:41-04:00July 13, 2018|Announcements, Election, Features, Politics|
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