Whatcott arrested for pride parade antics

Bill Whatcott and others infiltrated the 2016 Toronto Pride parade to distribute pamphlets describing the dangers of homosexual activity. Christian activist Bill Whatcott, 51, of Leduc, Alberta, surrendered himself to the Calgary policy on June 22, following the Toronto Police Service issuing a Canada-wide arrest warrant for charges related to hate-crime complaints. In 2016, Whatcott is alleged to have distributed [...]

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U.S. Supreme Court affirms religious rights

National Affairs Rory Leishman In a significant seven-to-two ruling in Masterpiece Cake Shop Ltd. v. Colorado on June 4, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a ruling by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that a Christian baker had no right in law to refuse on grounds of sincere religious conviction to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. That [...]

What’s missing

Light is Right Joe Campbell "I’m learning about the virtues,” Bimson said. “The virtues?” Molder replied. “You know,” said Bimson, “temperance, liberality, justice, fortitude, that sort of thing. I’m taking a short course in ethics.” “It’s easier to learn about the virtues than to practice them,” Molder said. “That’s what our instructor told us,” said Bimson. “So each time he [...]

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Trinity Western loses Christian law school fight

On June 15, in a 7-2 ruling, the Canadian Supreme Court found that the law societies of British Columbia and Ontario have the power to refuse to accredit law school graduates of Trinity Western University because the Christian school’s community covenant binds students to a code of conduct, that among other things, includes abstaining from sex outside of heterosexual marriage. The Court [...]

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Canadian Supreme Court evicerates religious rights

Law Matters John Carpay You know a court ruling is bad when judges deliberately ignore the evidence placed before them. But reality was brushed aside in the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to repudiate, nullify, and revoke the fundamental Charterfreedoms of Trinity Western University (TWU), its staff, and its students. According to the justices, Charter-protected freedom of religion was narrowed [...]

In search of true federalism in Canada – Old Canada, New Canada, and ‘Canada Three’

It is argued that a return to true federalism – i.e., strengthening the role of provinces and regions in Canada – may lead to a more balanced society in the future. While there is no returning to the Old Canada which existed “before the ‘60s,” it is possible that the “New Canada” could reach out to incorporate some better aspects of the [...]

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There is no ‘right’ to abortion

A common strategy employed by “pro-choice” advocates today is to claim that women in Canada have the constitutional right to abortion. For example, Justin Trudeau, speaking in 2014 before he had yet become Prime Minister, said:  “Since 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada has affirmed that a woman’s right to choose in this matter is part of her fundamental rights and freedoms…. [...]

Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and thinking about the future

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, a film widely regarded as one of the best and most important in the history of cinema. I’m not here to dispute this judgment – I’m a big fan of the film, and have been since my brother-in-law took me to see a road show screening [...]

Eric McLuhan, scholar and pro-lifer, RIP

Eric McLuhan was one of The Interim's first columnists Eric McLuhan, son of the famous Marshall McLuhan, was a renowned scholar of media in his own right, and used his expertise to help the pro-life cause. Eric McLuhan, a former columnist for The Interimand popular pro-life speaker, passed away May 18 in Bogota, Colombia, where he had just delivered the [...]

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The wisdom of Eric McLuhan

Human life, with which “pro-life” is primarily concerned, has perhaps forty or four hundred dimensions. I will mention four only. We have physical life – that in common with animals and vegetables, which forms we choose to imitate from time to time. We have social life – that also in common with animals, fish, birds, insects and perhaps dozens of other things [...]

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Aid to Women founder, CLC accountant Dick Cochrane, RIP

Dick Cochrane was a Spitfire pilot, lounge singer, and founder of Aid to Women. Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes recalls that his friend Richmond (Dick) Cochrane lived an extraordinary and varied life that began in India in 1925 and ended in Canada 92 years later with stops as a Spitfire pilot in the India and Pakistan air forces, [...]

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Lidwien Grafe, longtime Kingston pro-life activist dies

Kingston pro-life activist Lidwien Grafe talks to Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes After a lengthy battle with cancer, Lidwien Grafe, 81, died June 13 at Providence Care Hospital in Kingston. I first met Lidwien in 1971 when we attended an organizational meeting to discuss the killing of unborn children following the passing of the Omnibus Bill in 1969 [...]

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Humanae Vitae at 50

The background       Pope Paul VI There was a great deal of moral tumult in 1968. The sexual revolution was in full swing, with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner declaring the year before, “I am in the center of the world.” Canada legalized divorce and was on the verge of legalizing contraception and homosexual acts, and permitting abortion-on-demand. Three [...]

The wisdom of Humanae Vitae

Editors’ note: These are excerpts from the encyclical Humane Vitae. God’s Loving Design Married love particularly reveals its true nature and nobility when we realize that it takes its origin from God, who “is love,” the Father “from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named.” Marriage, then, is far from being the effect of chance or the result of [...]

Humanae Vitae at 50

On July 25, 1968, Pope Paul VI promulgated Humanae Vitae, the epoch-making encyclical through which the Catholic Church affirmed her opposition to all forms of artificial contraception. Despite the widespread confusions wrought by the internal and external upheavals of the times, the Church did not compromise its moral teaching about the procreative dimension of the sexual act within marriage and, instead, drew [...]

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