Democracy under attack

19th century Dutch legislator Groen van Prinsterer For Life: Defending the Unbornby the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity A Nation Founded on Rock or Sand: Groen Van Prinsterer for Todayby Hendrik Smitskamp (translated by Harmen Boersma) Democracy 101by William Baptiste Three recent publications tell a moral and sobering story of what happens when Christian principles and beliefs are abandoned in [...]

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And then there was this …

Canada Convicted child-killer Robert Latimer is seeking clemency for the 1993 murder of his daughter, Tracy. Latimer has asked Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould for a pardon of his second-degree conviction. Tracy was living with cerebral palsy when he poisoned her by attaching a hose from the exhaust of his truck to the cab, where she died in the family garage from carbon [...]

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Aid to Women to ‘celebrate’ 30 years of saving babies

Located directly beside the Cabbagetown Women’s Clinic, Aid to Women (ATW) has served on the frontline of the pro-life movement for more than 30 years. Founded in 1984, the pro-life crisis pregnancy centre is dedicated to accompanying young women through unplanned pregnancies up to birth, and into the first years of parenthood. They are committed to educating women on the alternatives to [...]

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Midwife groups want to do abortions

In Canada there are over 1500 registered midwives, with approximately 150 new midwives graduating from post-secondary institutions each year. Midwives are licensed to provide care to low-risk pregnancies up to and during labour, as well as provide six weeks of post-natal care. But to many administrators of provincial, national, and international midwifery associations who believe in abortion-on-demand, midwifery is an ideal profession [...]

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Fatal Flaws shows the problems in legalizing assisted death

Often in our culture, assisted-death is considered a caring act that affirms the choice of one who is ill, and that no harm can arise from its legalization. The new documentary Fatal Flaws: Legalizing Assisted Death, by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and DunnMedia, shows that this is not the case as it examines the harms that have arisen through euthanasia and assisted-suicide [...]

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The log in our own eye

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke Chalk it up to our difficulty eking out cultural ground. Whenever a pro-life politician or other influential figure makes it into the spotlight, many pro-lifers immediately make it our personal mission to defend said person against any and every criticism, simply because we’re so grateful to just have someoneon “our side” to root for, and simultaneously [...]

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Canada’s velvet totalitarianism

Law Matters John Carpay Canada in 2018 is still a relatively safe space for practicing Christians. Especially when compared to Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, where churches are burned, bombed or banned. Or China, which persecutes believers who attend authentic Christian churches free from government control. Canada’s velvet totalitarianism is such that the British Columbia government did not resort to [...]

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Dutch experience provides cautionary tale on euthanasia

National Affairs Rory Leishman Less than a year after the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously legalized euthanasia for mentally competent patients in the 2015 Carter ruling, Liberals and New Democrats on the Special Joint Committee of Parliament on Physician-Assisted Dying unanimously recommended that the law on euthanasia should extend to mentally incompetent patients as well. Everyone who supports this so-called progressive reform, should contemplate the [...]

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A burgeoning industry

George Jefferson from TV show All in the Family. Until I did some research, it hadn’t occurred to me that there might be a cache of racial slurs that target whites. Well, apparently there are plenty of the allegedly offensive epithets. I say “apparently” and “allegedly” because I’ve never heard of most of the entries, and the ones I know [...]

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The dangers of compelled speech

Andrew Lawton This summer marks one year since the implementation of Bill C-16, the legislation that catapulted Professor Jordan Peterson to fame and galvanized a much-needed discussion about freedom of expression in Canada. Though we have yet to see the first public prosecution under the bill, its free speech implications are still very much alive. The bill updated the Criminal [...]

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Killing the Kennedy mystique

There’s a visual shorthand you see in movies and on TV shows that’s meant to let you know you’re in the presence of Roman Catholics, and probably Irish ones. It’s a picture of John F. Kennedy hanging on the wall of someone’s bedroom, dining room or living room, or in some bar, barber shop or police chief’s office. It might be accompanied [...]

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Amnesty International officially backs abortion-on-demand

During its July 6-8 Global Assembly in Warsaw, Amnesty International delegates voted in favour of advocating for abortion-on-demand. Since 2007, the international human rights group has supported abortion in limited cases such as calling for decriminalization of abortion in cases of rape or when the mother’s life or health were at stake. Previous to that, its abortion activism was limited to criticism [...]

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London man sues hospital for offering euthanasia instead of care

A Canadian man is suing a hospital for offering him euthanasia despite his repeated requests for support so that he might live at home. He has released recordings of conversations that he says proves he was denied his right to “assisted life.” Roger Foley, 42, has cerebellar ataxia, a degenerative brain condition that impairs his ability to move his arms and legs. [...]

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Fr. Ted scholarship topic announced

Dan Di Rocco, circulation manager for The Interim and administrator of the annual Fr. Ted Colleton Scholarship, has announced the topic for the 17th iteration of the essay contest presented by Interim Publishing and Niagara Region Right to Life. Niagara Region Right to Life is once  again pleased to offer The  Father Ted Colleton Scholarship essay  contest  as part  of its mandate [...]

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Argentina Senate defeats bill to legalize abortion

The Senate of Argentina voted August 9 to reject a bill that would have erased the country’s constitutional protection for most preborn babies and legalize abortion during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The bill would have also legalized late-term abortions in cases of fetal deformity or to protect mothers’ “psychological” health. The Catholic nation currently allows abortions only for rape or [...]

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