Mary Wagner freed from jail

Mary Wagner “Mary called from a friend’s car full of excitement and joy,” her mother Jane Wagner wrote in an email to Wagner’s supporters. “She can see the sky, said seven geese flew overhead as we spoke, and she is going to see her Beloved at Mass. She said she was sad to leave some of the ladies in Vanier [...]

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And then there was this …

Canada Doug Ford, Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative Premier has announced that the province’s colleges and universities have until January 2019 to have in place a free-speech policy or face funding cuts. “Colleges and universities should be places where students exchange different ideas and opinions in open and respectful debate,” he stated. The Canadian Federation of Students slammed the move as “an unprecedented [...]

Diversity is our strength

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke Hear me out. During this summer, I participated in the “Question Abortion project” on Ryerson’s campus. The project involves surveying passersby about the legal status of abortion in Canada, and then segueing into a dialogue about abortion more generally. During one hour, I had productive conversations with three “pro-choice” women. Each of them expressed their thanks [...]

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The Globe campaigns for easier abortion access

If you read Fr. Alphonse de Valk’s book Morality and Law about how Pierre Trudeau decriminalized abortion in 1969, you’ll find that the early advocacy for liberalizing Canada’s abortion law were led not by feminist groups but three publications: the United Church Observer, Chatelaine, and the Globe and Mail. Joining the chorus were professional organizations like the Canadian Medical Association. The Globe and [...]

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The importance of the culture wars

It’s easy to believe that society is falling apart, especially if you spend any time on social media. My liberal friends are certain that the earth is on the verge of an imminent ecological disaster – probably climate change, but they’ll take resource depletion or overpopulation in a pinch. My conservative friends fill their Facebook feeds with stories and memes about the [...]

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Former CHP Jim Hnatiuk, RIP

Former CHP leader Jim Hnatiuk We, the leadership and national board of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, want to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Jim Hnatiuk. Our contact and relationship with Jim go back to the days when – as he often explained – he planned to start a Christian political party and found to [...]

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Court supports going behind backs of parents

Law Matters John Carpay PT and his wife have three children, two of whom suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder.They were kept in the dark by a Calgary public school about their vulnerable 12-year-old autistic daughter’s participation in a gay-straight alliance club, where staff and students tried to convince her that: she was actually a boy; she should transition to being [...]

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Miracles of sloppy writing

Light is Right Joe Campbell Not for anything would I miss reading my favourite columnists and reporters. Without their revelations, I might never have known what a miraculous age we live in. Consider, if you will, an engagingly reflective bit of writing that has to do with a late pope, a living cardinal and a chapel dear to both. The [...]

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How the courts allowed pornography

For the past 30 years, Canadians have been increasingly inundated with the most disgusting exhibitions of pornography on television, in the movies, and on-line. How can that be? Throughout this period, the Criminal Code of Canada has clearly stated that everyone commits an offence punishable by up to two years imprisonment who (a) makes, prints, publishes or circulates any “obscene” thing whatever [...]

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CLC launches petition asking Doug Ford to scrap anti-free speech bubble zones

Canada’s national pro-life, pro-family lobbying group launched a petition in August asking Ontario Premier Doug Ford to drop Bill 163, which came into effect February. The bill prohibits all pro-life witness, including showing “disapproval” of abortion, within 50 meters of Ontario’s eight abortion centers. It also allows hospitals and pharmacies to apply for zones of up to 150 meters in which all [...]

2018-10-15T11:14:34-04:00October 15, 2018|Politics|

Gosnell a powerful film

Were it not for a police investigation into illegal drug trafficking, Kermit Gosnell might still be murdering babies. The Pennsylvania Department of Health turned a blind eye to complaints about his inner city clinic in Philadelphia. Officials in the legal system put political concerns above justice. The mainstream media was nowhere to be found. The truth was so sordid that it was [...]

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B.C. voters should oppose proportional representation

  British Columbians will vote by mail in a referendum on what voting system the province should use for its elections. The referendum is being held by mail from Oct. 22 to Nov. 30. All B.C. residents over the age of 18 can vote in the referendum. This is the third time provincial voters will have their say on electoral reform, having [...]

CLC backs Lohr for Nova Scotia PC leader

Nova Scotia MLA John Lohr Campaign Life Coalition deemed Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative MLA John Lohr (Kings North) supportable in the party’s provincial leadership race. CLC reports that Lohr supports introducing a bill to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals who do not want to participate in euthanasia. CLC political strategist Jack Fonseca said that Lohr recognizes the dangers [...]

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The Church scandal and the pro-life movement

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò In late August, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former nuncio to the United States (essentially the Vatican’s ambassador to America), issued an open letter alleging widespread cover-up of the sexual crimes of former Washington D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a cover-up that includes the Pope himself. The letter was shocking but unsurprising. It has massive implications for [...]

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The Interim at 35

In March 1983, this paper was launched to inform readers of the “day-to-day battle to protect unborn babies.” That first paper announced that “the philosophy of this monthly will always be one of no compromise on abortion,” because “a human life, from the moment of conception represents an individual, precious gift from God.” We have stayed true to that mandate, and since [...]

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