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The ideological consequences of WWII

80 years since its outbreak, World War II continues to shape the world: A précis of some of the ideological consequences of the war World War II and one of its main ideological results – the general discrediting of Western traditionalism -- continue to shape events in the world today. Among the long-term effects of the war, there is the ongoing erosion [...]

2020-12-03T11:16:30-06:00August 30, 2019|Soconvivium|

Trudeau’s egregious abortion record

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most pro-abortion prime minister Canada has ever had. Justin Trudeau is the most pro-abortion prime minister this country has ever had. That is a bold statement, but the facts are indisputable. While previous prime ministers broadened the abortion law or claimed there was social peace so there was no need to talk about the [...]

2019-08-08T07:17:24-06:00August 7, 2019|Abortion, Announcements, Features, Summer Jobs|

And then there was this …

Canada If there is one reason why Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cohorts should be turfed from government, it is abortion. Not only does one have to be pro-abortion to run as a Liberal candidate, but abortion seems to ooze from the very pores of this Liberal government. Recently, Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States, was in Ottawa meeting with [...]

2019-07-29T12:49:54-06:00August 2, 2019|And then there was this..., Society & Culture|

Pro-lifers must eschew gestational limits New paper by Jakki Jeffs shows flaws in International Abortion Standards Law

Jakki Jeffs says pro-lifers cannot support gestational limits because they undermine the pro-life ethic. Muddled thinking leads to fatal errors. This is no more so than in the subject of gestational limits, which refers to the age of the unborn child measured in number of weeks This may be a terse way to describe the misguided efforts of WeNeedALaw and [...]

2019-07-29T12:58:53-06:00August 1, 2019|Marriage and Family, Pro-Life|

Pride cometh before a fall

Josie Luetke It may just be my impression, but this past Pride Month seemed particularly vociferous. On numerous occasions, socially conservative friends and coworkers dutifully noted: “Pride cometh before the fall.” Now, I mean no offense to them and believe they were just offering a sincere warning, but it’s easy to see how this verse could be recited proudly, as [...]

Managing risk

Light is Right Joe Campbell So now I have to worry about sitting. Prolonged sitting, the media tell me, could shorten my life. They say it’s a risk factor like smoking, fattening and aging. Aging? Although I stopped smoking and fattening years ago and survived, no one I know of who stopped aging lived to tell about it. I’d rather [...]

2019-07-29T12:48:43-06:00August 1, 2019|Joe Campbell|

NDP ups abortion ante in platform release

The federal NDP released its 2019 campaign platform during the provincial wing’s Ontario convention in Hamilton June 13-15. Among the promises to invest in health care and fight climate change, is a section on “The courage to do what is right,” with a subsection on gender equality. Among the items listed is a commitment to increase support for abortion. The platform reads: [...]

2019-07-29T12:49:20-06:00August 1, 2019|Abortion, Politics|

AMA opposes doctor-assisted suicide

The American Medical Association (AMA) has again rejected physician-assisted suicide by an overwhelming majority. Delegates at the June 8-12 AMA annual meeting in Chicago, voted 392-162 to reaffirm the organization’s existing policy, which states that “Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia are fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks.” By [...]

2019-08-08T07:41:30-06:00August 1, 2019|Assisted Suicide|
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