Ohio introduces personhood bill to recognize all abortions as murder

Pro-life Republicans in the Ohio Legislature have introduced legislation that would fully recognize preborn humans as people in the state, and ban all abortions by putting prenatal killing under the existing murder statutes. Introduced by Republican state Reps. Candice Keller and Ron Hood, House Bill 413 declares that “no person shall purposely, and with prior calculation and design, perform or have an [...]

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Three states to consider banning trans drugs for kids

State legislators have responded to the national outcry over the mom in Texas seeking a gender “transition” for her seven-year-old, promising to introduce legislation to ban puberty blockers for minors. Legislators in Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas have proposed legislation that would prevent medical gender “transitions” for minors. Georgia State Rep. Ginny Ehrhart (R-36) is drafting a bill that would make it a [...]

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Judge overrules Trump rule protecting conscience rights

U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled Nov. 6 that the Trump administration cannot enforce a rule protecting healthcare workers from being forced to participate in abortions, claiming it was “unconstitutional.” In May, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finalized the rule, which “ensures that HHS implements the full set of tools appropriate for enforcing” laws that exempt healthcare workers [...]

2019-12-26T07:31:56-05:00December 28, 2019|Conscience Legislation|

11,000 scientists demand population control because of ‘climate emergency’

11,000 scientists have signed onto an article declaring that “the world population must be stabilized – and, ideally, gradually reduced,” because a “climate emergency” threatens “the fate of humanity.” Written by the Alliance of World Scientists and full of alarmist, apocalyptic language, the article was published today in BioScience. “Still increasing by roughly 80 million people per year, or more than 200,000 [...]

2019-12-26T07:23:26-05:00December 26, 2019|Society & Culture|

Who will replace Andrew Scheer? Will a pro-lifer run for Conservative leadership?

Andrew Scheer Embattled Conservative leader Andrew Scheer announced on Dec. 12 he was resigning as the leader of the party he led to modest but less-than-expected gains in the October federal election. Scheer increased the Conservatives seat totals from 99 in 2015 to 121 and narrowly won the popular vote, but he was facing criticism for a lackluster showing following [...]

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Progressive politics

National Affairs Rory Leishman Almost all members of Parliament representing the Liberal Party, the Bloc Quebecois, the New Democratic Party and the Green Party of Canada fancy themselves as enlightened and progressive legislators who are leading Canadians to a better and brighter future. But is that true? Most definitely not. Well-intentioned as these progressive politicians might be, the great majority [...]

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Dream over

Light is Right Joe Campbell I’ve tried to believe in equality. Truly, I have. But try as I may, I no longer can. Early on, I noticed that doctors get paid whether their patients live or die, lawyers whether their clients walk or go to jail, mutual fund managers whether their customers make money or lose it. Now there’s equality, [...]

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New pro-life children’s book

Bethany Bomberger is the co-founder of The Radiance Foundation and homeschooling mother of four children – both biological and adopted. She’s the author of a brand new adorably illustrated children’s book called Pro-Life Kids!This book powerfully illuminates that every human life has purpose. The hardcover book is available through the Radiance Foundation in the newly launched ProLifeKids.com initiative. Alveda King, niece of [...]

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No room at the inn

As the feast of Christmas approaches, we may recall that Luke’s account of the coming of Christ provides evidence of something which our Supreme Court does not yet realize – that the child in the womb is a human being. When Mary went to visit her cousin, the latter’s infant leaped in her womb. “For behold as soon as the voice of [...]

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A Christmas Carol, according to Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol Christmas is coming, and there will be television specials aplenty for the whole family! That’s long been one of the most enjoyable parts of this wonderful holiday. The (ahem) children in our lives have so much to choose from, including classic marionette/stop motion/animated specials likeThe Spirit of Christmas(1953), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer(1964), A Charlie Brown Christmas [...]

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And then there was this …

Canada The provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador has announced that “transition-related surgery assessments are now available …” for those wishing to transgender. The government has issued a list of approved provincial health-care professionals to assess “anyone requiring insured transition-related surgery …” Previously, clients had to travel to Toronto to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health for assessment. However, although most [...]

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In praise of backroomers

A primer in political party organizing Let ‘Em Howl: Lessons from a Life in Backroom Politicsby Pat Sorbara. (Gibsons, Nightwood Editions, pb $22.95, ebook $12.79, 252 pp) In October, 2012, a little over six months before he passed away, a dinner was organized as a Dean Martin-style “roast” to honour the late Doug Finley, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s national campaign director for [...]

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The madness of identity politics

The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity, by Douglas Murray (Bloomsbury, $38, 288 pages) In The Madness of Crowds, Douglas Murray examines the social, political, and sexual phenomena of the past century. He submits that 21st-century equality activism has discarded historical ideals as its source (truth, beauty, justice). Current moral convention is shown to be necessarily incoherent, generated instead by technology, [...]

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Running out the clock

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke I  find it fitting as the clock winds down on 2019 to talk about a different clock running out. In a relatively brief span of time, I’ve been let down frequently. A former member of my high school pro-life club came out against banning abortions, asserting that she wished that more “pro-lifers” would understand that “our [...]

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Is nostalgia overrated?

Amusements Rick McGinnis We have a curious relationship with the past. It’s often presumed that things were better then, despite abundant evidence to the contrary. And while no one but a tiny minority advocates a return to any pre-industrial point in human history, there has been a palpable longing for one recent period in history that’s lingered since before that [...]

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