Some 74,000 Canadians participated on Sunday, October 6, 1991, in Life Chain – 722,000 people did the same in the United States.

In many cities and towns in every Canadian province, between the hours of 2:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon, people lined the streets holding up sings which read “ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN” or “JESUS FORGIVES AND HEALS.”

Numbers ranged from 150 in Charlottetown on the Atlantic coast, to 1,200 in Victoria, B.C., on the Pacific.  The largest turnout was in Vancouver, where they expected 1,000 but got 15,000, and in Toronto where they expected 7,200 and got 6,900.

In Ontario, some 42,000 adult and teenage men and women participated in 37 cities and towns, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland had participants in one city each, namely in Montreal 250; Charlottetown, 150; Moncton, 140; and Marystown, 700.  The other provinces had participants in three or more cities each.

The Montreal demonstration, small as it was, was nevertheless a giant step forward.  Ever since Rene Levesque’s regime (from November 1976 onwards), Quebecers have acquiesced in state-funded and state-supported abortuaries.  So threatened were the pro-abortionists this time that they marched 300 strong to mock, taunt and shout at the over 200 pro-lifers standing quietly along Rue St. Catherine, reminding passerby of the true nature of abortion.

Standing on opposite sidewalks, the encounter illustrated to everyone to see, the character of the opposing groups: one quiet, silent and polite, the other screaming, bellowing and bullying.

Montreal however, was an exception.  Everywhere else the event transpired without confrontations.