As long as one year ago, the International Inquiry Commission on RU-486 released a strong condemnation of the drug.  It has taken a full year before the existence of the report has been revealed.  The report seems to have been stonewalled by the media.

The International Commission, with its headquarters in France, says that RU-486 even combined with prostaglandin’s, is ineffective in inducing abortions.  It also states that the drug has many serious side effects, and that it’s claimed therapeutic values cannot be substantiated.

The Commission asserts that five to ten per cent of women need medical or surgical treatment for hemorrhaging caused by RU-486.

Other side effects include: serious digestive troubles; uterine pain comparable with that of childbirth; anemia; cardiovascular and respiratory ailments; low blood sugar.

The Commission report says there is no experimental proof for claims that RU-486 has therapeutic values in treating breast cancer, neuro-psychiatric troubles or stress, and adds that on the contrary, the drug inhibits the immune system.  Furthermore laboratory reports show that RU-486 has had a “strong stimulating effect” on one strain of breast cancer.

It is worth quoting Professor Pierre de Vernejoul, chairman of the medical and scientific committee that sponsored the Commission.  “The only needed decision is the immediate canceling of the marketing and use of RU-486…The medical and scientific approach has been sacrificed to ideological motives.”

Why was this report not given worldwide media coverage?