MY Canada held its national conference, or rather, its national SIEGE, in Saint John, N.B. Nov. 1-3. Many local residents were in attendance, but there was also representation from across the country. It was made very clear at the outset – this was not a conference, but a siege. Faytene Kryskow, one of the main organizers, explained that it was a siege, because “we are raising up a siege against injustice and unrighteousness in Canada.” The various meetings were not sessions, but strikes. At the highest point, you could find upward of 500 people in attendance with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to change the social fabric of Canada into a culture of Life.

MY Canada was inspired to organize the siege to confront the culture of today, which found its beginning 40 years ago. The sexual revolution, New Age and women’s (choice) movements are responsible for much of the secular society we live in today. As the siege website points out, these “movements which were supposed to bring peace, joy and love, instead brought death, divorce, sexual disease, drug addiction, perversion and confusion.”

Saint John was the chosen location for this siege because it was the first incorporated city in Canada. It was the home region of Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, a father of Confederation. In 1867, he was responsible for the idea of naming Canada the Dominion of Canada, which was inspired by Psalm 72:8. Saint John is also the home of the Reversing Falls, which is a river that runs backwards every day when the Bay of Fundy tide meets with the Saint John River. These were all very important points as the organizers, in prayer, became more and more convinced of the significance of Saint John for their event.

Much of the siege was left to the plans of God. In fact, aside from having set times for the strikes to begin, nothing was planned definitively. There were speakers available, a praise and worship band and many people, young and old, ready to do God’s will. Organizers said God moved in the hearts of the people there, ensuring them of his support in the battle for a rejuvenation of respect for all human life in our country.

MY Canada stands for Motivated Young People for a Stronger Canada. Although it is faith-based, it is non-denominational. It is made up of young leaders throughout Canada who carry various Christian perspectives, but hold a conviction for a greater purpose: “Seeing the Dominion of Canada make choices which will lead to a strong Canada for generations to come (our generation and our children’s).” Another initiative of MY Canada is their Josiah Teams. These teams are made up of young people, between the ages of 15-35, who meet with 25-45 Senators and MPs to share with them what they want for Canada. A Josiah Team hit Parliament Hill Nov. 25-30.