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Glory we could never imagine

The two young people would soon be married. Happiness flowed and joy, like a gentle fragrance, wafted into their thoughts many times a day. For like all such couples, they anticipated keenly the fruitful, happy life awaiting them. But massive change came hurtling their way. For the Father threw a cosmic curveball planned from all eternity into carefully laid human plans. The [...]

2020-09-24T07:29:25-04:00December 19, 2006|Archives, Columnist, Religion, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Who stands with Israel?

Israel was born on May 14, 1948. The newly birthed nation had time for only a few breaths before her Muslim neighours – Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq – hurled themselves on her in a war of annihilation. However, Israel repulsed the invaders and survived to fight four more major wars, plus innumerable minor conflicts, over the next 58 years. Indeed, [...]

2010-08-20T07:55:29-04:00November 20, 2006|Columnist, Rev. Royal Hamel, Society & Culture|

Fair comment or hate speech?

The same-sex “marriage” controversy is once again heating up newspaper columns. And once again, some in the liberal press are mocking people of faith. Columnists have led the charge, for it would seem that on the whole, editors show more restraint. A recent striking example was an attack piece written by Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette published on August 5. To [...]

2010-08-18T09:08:44-04:00September 18, 2006|Columnist, Human rights, Marriage and Family, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Using ‘the Da Vinci con’ for good

I have asked a number of Christian friends if they have seen the Da Vinci Code. Some have, but many haven’t and don’t intend to. Some indeed simply brush it off as being full of false teaching and rehashed attacks on Christ and so they aren’t interested. I think such an attitude is shortsighted. Christians can adopt a more positive outlook and [...]

2010-08-20T11:54:24-04:00July 20, 2006|Columnist, Religion, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Stephen Harper, his faith life and public policy

In recent years, Canada has mostly had people in the prime minister's chair who claimed the Catholic faith as their own. But now, for the first time since John Diefenbaker, we have a person of evangelical faith holding the highest office in the nation. Many are questioning how Harper's faith convictions will affect the way he governs, since some of the values [...]

2010-08-17T09:12:01-04:00May 17, 2006|Columnist, Politics, Profiles, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Silence aids and abets falsehood

“I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.” (Jude 3) Nobody will dispute that homosexual rights advocates and their supporters have recently won huge battles in our nation. One can scarcely imagine a greater coup than the passage of Bill C-38, which changed the traditional definition of [...]

2010-08-17T08:30:02-04:00April 17, 2006|Columnist, Marriage and Family, Rev. Royal Hamel|

We can change the future of Canada

Recently, it has come to my attention that only about 50 per cent of Christians ever bother to vote. Anecdotal, to be sure, but from my own experience, entirely believable. How else can we account for the fact that we live in a country that kills unborn babies, experiments on tiny human life, has now institutionalized homosexual “marriage” and is considering legalizing [...]

2010-08-16T08:45:31-04:00January 16, 2006|Columnist, Religion, Rev. Royal Hamel, Society & Culture|

It is honourable to stand with the faithful

During the fight for traditional marriage over the past two years, I encountered a troubling phenomenon among some evangelical Christians. A goodly number, including some pastors, couldn’t bring themselves to defend marriage, because they had the notion that this would be offensive to homosexuals. Some even held that to defend the truth of marriage was to act in a hateful way towards [...]

2010-08-03T18:50:55-04:00November 3, 2005|Columnist, Marriage and Family, Pro-Life, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Let’s keep our focus on the city of God

“For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for a city that is to come.” Heb. 13:14 Same-sex “marriage” is now legal in Canada. People who hold to conservative values just have lost a major battle after a two-year struggle. Moreover, it was only two years ago that the government passed legislation giving permission to experiment on [...]

Judgement is coming

"But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers … shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone" (Rev. 21:8). It was an unsettling conversation, and quite unlooked for. I brightly greeted the Tim Hortons cashier with a cheery, "Good morning, how are you"? We had many times exchanged such pleasantries, so I was surprised by her response. With sad [...]

2010-08-09T12:38:03-04:00October 9, 2004|Columnist, Religion, Rev. Royal Hamel, Society & Culture|

Victories take time to achieve

In 1942, the battle of the North Atlantic was fully engaged. Nazi submarine captains stealthily hunted Allied ships, loosed their torpedoes on unsuspecting prey and watched with grim satisfaction as burning hulks slipped beneath the waves. In the summer of that year, German U-boat U-215, embarked on her maiden voyage, destination Boston Harbour. Her mission was to seed the harbour with deadly [...]

2010-08-08T10:18:56-04:00August 8, 2004|Columnist, Pro-Life, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Gay ‘marriage’ discriminates

Judges in three of Canada's most populous provinces have decreed that it is discriminatory to bar same-sex couples from getting "married." It is now legal in British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario for homosexuals to marry. It is significant that the decision was largely reached on the basis of according the same rights to homosexual pairs as are presently enjoyed by heterosexuals. The [...]

When churches accept immorality

It was a CBC Radio call-in show in the early afternoon. The guests included an Anglican rector, and an articulate Anglican layman from Christ Church in Hamilton, where two lesbians had been "married" in August of this year. The host posed this question for the listeners: "What would you advise Anglican people to do over the same-sex marriage issue?" I tried to [...]

2010-08-05T12:37:09-04:00January 5, 2004|Columnist, Religion, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Joe was at the wrong party

On this past June 10 former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark was marshal for the "gay pride" parade in Calgary, Alberta. On being contacted by the organizers he doubtless consulted his agenda, discovered that his "dance card" was open on that date and the rest is history. As to why Mr. Clark was there is anybody's guess, but my best guess is [...]

2010-07-19T08:57:25-04:00June 19, 2001|Politics, Rev. Royal Hamel|
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