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    Two years ago I wrote my first column. It was for the first issue of The Interim and was on “pro-life feminism,” a constant theme of many subsequent columns. When I wrote that first column, I thought I’d soon run out of things to say on the abortion issue and I’m sure that some of you who persist in the [...]

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In Vitro M.D. ignores fetal tests

    Dr. David Armstrong, scientific director of the test-tube clinic at the University of Western Ontario, does not appear to know how rapidly life develops. In an interview with Rose Dimanno of the Toronto Star on February 12, Dr. Armstrong defended his recommendation that human embryos be mass-produced and kept up to 28 days for experiments because, he said “up to [...]

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U of T contraceptives

  A health-care package being planned by the University of Toronto’s Students’ Council is to include coverage for contraceptives.  Some other universities already have student-sponsored health benefits but none include coverage for contraceptives.   If it goes into effect, the plan will be mandatory for all full time students.  An executive of the Students Administrative Council, Kevin Perkins was reported by the [...]

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Pro-life commentary on the prevention of Down’s syndrome through amniocentesis

                                             Genetic Counseling is that field of medicine which is involved in gathering genetic and family information in an effort to determine whether a particular couple would be likely to pass on certain genetic diseases to any future children. A risk ratio may be formulated and the couple would then decide whether or not to have children or perhaps they [...]

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The Editorial: Slicing them open

The recent disclosure that vaccines were produced from tissues of aborted babies had three main pro-life reactions: the immediate one of repugnance; the second, "why were we not told?" the third, "what experimentation that we don't know about is going on now?"  The answer to the last question is that human vivisection of live aborted babies is almost commonplace, even though it [...]

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The Abortion Pill

  Canadian newspapers reported recently that next year the first “foolproof” birth control drug will be distributed in Europe.  “First foolproof post pregnancy birth control pill” read the Ottawa Citizen caption. (Dec. 5).  “Foolproof pill ready next year,” said the Toronto Sun.  The Winnipeg Free Press, however, headed its short news item more accurately: “Abortion pill safe, labs say.” (Dec. 4).   [...]

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Stop the world, I want to get off.

        Oh boy!  Dull moments around here are about as plentiful as white blackbirds.   I returned from Europe to find The Interim office bussing with questions, counter-questions and speculations regarding the morality of using vaccine extracted from an aborted baby to inoculate school children against Rubella.   According to reports, the vaccine being used in Canada was extracted [...]

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Informed Dissent

      Conversations concerning the rubella vaccine and fetal experimentation in general have jammed our telephone during the last month.  I have heard such statements as, “let’s drop this: it’s not an issue we can win,” “there’s nothing wrong with this vaccine,” “good can come from evil,” and so on.  Most opinions are strongly-held.  This had touched a number of nerves. [...]

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A Modest Proposal

          In 1729, the Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, published an essay entitled A Modest Proposal.  The title is ironic because what he proposed was a scheme to solve the problem in Ireland by butchering children.  In a carefully reasoned argument, he explains how the parents will be paid for raising small children who will then be [...]

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Fetal Experiments – Canada

    In 1979, the League for Life of Manitoba publicized fetal experiments conducted at Winnnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre in 1973, 1974 and 1975.  Babies of up to 25 weeks gestation, aborted through hysterotomy, had blood taken and their adrenals, gonads and pituitary glands removed.   213 babies were used in these experiments.  Some had up to 8 ccs of blood taken [...]

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To the Editor:

    The following two letters were sent to the Star and the Globe by Campaign Life in an attempt to correct their editorial presentation of the WI-38 Rubella vaccine story as the product of an irrational “fringe” group.   The Editor The Toronto Star   Dear Sir:   Your December 2 editorial “Vaccine isn’t Abortion Issue” finds it “ironic” to see [...]

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Some facts on Rubella’s effects on unborn babies

    Mothers must have rubella during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to affect their babies.   A review of 15 major studies showed that only 16.9 per cent of the babies in contact with rubella would have defects.  Rubella as an indication (reason) for abortion would see five healthy babies aborted for every one affected baby.     The last [...]

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Rubella & Co.

      The November Interim story on Rubella vaccine WI-38 was printed with the realization that experimentation on aborted babies, and even babies about to be aborted, is an ongoing enterprise around the world.  We would draw the attention of our readers to the hidden and extensive nature of this hideous further refinement of the evil of abortion with the following [...]

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Controversy over vaccine

      In November 1984, The Interim front page story (“Aborted babies used for vaccine”), attracted national media attention.  The reaction to information that the current rubella vaccine was developed from cells of an aborted baby varied from amused credulity that pro-lifers would reveal see no objection to continued use of the vaccine, while others are distressed that their children have [...]

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International: A Satanic market

In France, a recently published book documents international traffic in aborted fetuses for scientific research and for use in cosmetics. The Traffickers of the Unborn is written by Claud Jacquinot, a judge, and Jacques Delay, a journalist.  M. Jacquinot is the founder of the French organization, "Laissez Vivre" ("Let Them Live"), which published the book. It has been known for some time [...]

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