“Articulate and bright and clean and…nice-looking,” as his running mate once described him, Barack Obama seems to be the fulfillment of the American dream; appropriately enough, the would-be president employs the language of dreams, speaking with the cadences of a preacher and the content of a prophet.

Obama has accurately gauged the mood of the American people. For their distrust and cynicism, he offers hope; sensing their dissatisfaction with politics, he promises change.  In itself, his candidacy symbolizes significant progress in American race relations, which were not nearly so enlightened half a century ago.

We, therefore, cannot diminish the significance of the moment: the nomination of an African American truly does make history. But the victory which this achievement should signal is eclipsed by the historic mistakes that this candidate has pledged to perpetuate. Obama’s position on civil rights for the unborn is erroneous and immoral.  The soi-disant agent of ‘change’ has vowed that, if elected, his first act in office would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law. The messianic politico with all the answers has no idea when life begins.

“Be the change you want to see” – so the old saying goes. Americans are, indeed, ready for change and are willing to hope once again. And we trust that the change America wants looks more like Sarah Palin than Barack Obama. For the real candidate of hope is the one who bore a child with Down’s Syndrome; the candidate of change accepted her pregnant teenage daughter, instead of insulting her new grandchild as a being “punishment” for a mistake.

Since Sarah Palin entered the presidential race as John McCain’s running mate, Obama has not benefited from the comparison. For all of his soaring rhetoric and fine phrases, Obama will not bring about the change that America so desperately needs. For America does, indeed, need change, but it will not find it in the empty promises of the junior senator from Illinois.
Yes, America can do better than it has; but America can do better than Barack Obama, the presidential candidate who has embraced the 35-year-long regime of abortion-on-demand.