In an issue dominated with passings, we must give some tribute to pro-life activist Maurice Lewis, who died September 5, the

same day as his greatest inspiration Mother Teresa.

It would probably embarrass Lewis to be mentioned in the same breath as the great champion of the poor, but circumstances,
and a strong commitment to the unborn, have created such a link.

The details of Lewis’s death are still somewhat cloudy and police have been slow to release the results of an autopsy. While
there is no doubt Lewis had his enemies in the pro-abortion camp, it would be unwise to come to any conclusions about his
demise until are the facts are in.

What we can say however, is that Lewis put his career on the line to protest against the draconian “Bubble Zone” legislation in
British Columbia. That the law was overturned (only to have it later re-instituted in a subsequent decision), is testament to
Lewis’s unwillingness to stand idly by while unborn children are quietly eliminated in abortion mills.