Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia president John Hof placed the file on the desk at the B.C. Corporate Registry office in Victoria. Checking the financial status reports of various pro-abortion organizations has become an annual trek for pro-lifers, much as it is for those in the abortion industry who check out pro-life groups.

But Hof never guessed he would come across so radical a change as to make him stop and ponder. Planned Parenthood of British Columbia had quietly changed its name. Options for Sexual Health is the new name chosen by Planned Parenthood officials.

The PPBC website confirmed the name change and stated: “With this change, we are reflecting new understandings of the meaning and importance of sexual health, understandings we have helped to bring about through over 40 years of care and service. Now, it’s time to move forward, backed by our reputation.”

Reputation, indeed. Hof discovered that over $2 million of taxpayers’ money found its way into PPBC coffers in 2002.

“The new name is actually far more descriptive of Planned Parenthood’s agenda,” Hof told The Interim. “‘Options for Sexual Health’ far better details what PPBC has been doing for years: giving advice and facilitating sexual activity in every venue that reaches its fingers.”

“It would not surprise me at all,” added Hof, “if this new organization is lined up at the trough, waiting for government grants to implement a whole new series of sex- and abortion-related programs into the public school system in our province.”

He added, “The group seems addicted to tax money, even resorting to casinos, where they raised $250,000. I wonder how much this new group will find in their piggy bank next year?”

Hof also speculated as to the reason for the name change. “I mean, Planned Parenthood has so many negative connotations. They are constantly on the defensive for supporting and encouraging abortion. I would have changed the name years ago. When I hear Planned Parenthood, the first thing I think of is baby killing.”

Although Planned Parenthood does not actually do any abortions in British Columbia, it does act as a referral agency for abortion. Additionally, the organization is frequently linked to radical pro-abortion groups, such as the Pro-Choice Action Network. Interim readers will remember that it was members of the Network that violently destroyed a pro-life exhibit at the University of British Columbia.