The Death Peddlers: War on the Unborn, by Rev. Paul Marx, O.S.B. (Human Life International Canada, 1998, 208 pages, $12.45 postpaid.)

In 1971 Fr. Marx attended a special pro-abortion symposium in California. Calling himself simply “Doctor,” since he had a doctorate in sociology, he applied to attend, and got permission to tape the proceedings. He wrote this book in 1971 based on the proceedings; but because the hopes of the pro-abortionists in attendance for easy legal abortion had become reality even more quickly than they had anticipated, and because the rosy future they envisioned had become instead a very different reality from what they predicted, he has added a new introduction and a new evaluation and reprinted the book.

He has reported, with essential quotations, on the chief speakers at the symposium, and commented on their message. The speakers dealt with arguments for legal abortion, their successes to date, assembly-line solutions, what goes on in counselling, what to tell the patient, physical and psychological complications, how to get funds from foundations and government, clergy support of abortion, how to deal with local, state, and federal governments, how to avoid confrontation with the law and how to get around it, the economics of abortion, how abortionists really think, and their philosophy of the human person.