A physician at the University of British Columbia has come up with a chemical concoction which she feels will give women another choice in how to end the life of their unborn baby.

Unable to convince the federal government to allow the testing of RU-486, the French-made abortion pill, Dr. Ellen Wiebe is convinced that she will be able to sneak her method in through the back door.

Following up on previous U.S. research, Weibe is testing a combination of the drugs methotrexate and misoprostal on B.C. women seeking non-surgical abortions.  She has reportedly carried out over 150 abortions prescribing these already legal drugs.

Pro-life groups are obviously concerned that this possible “home alone” abortion method will lead to many more abortions.  They are also upset that because methotrexate and misoprostal ate already legal, there is no way of fighting Wiebe’s formula.  The fact that Wiebe has received grants worth $46,000 from the B.C. Research Council to further her studies has also not gone unnoticed.

Methotrexate, which is used to treat cancer, slows tissue growth and misoprostal, used to treat ulcers, can also produce labour contractions.  The deadly combination produces a spontaneous abortion within a week or two of use.