CharlottetownAfter several years of on-again off-again efforts, Birthright has opened an office in downtown Charlottetown

That it has finally become reality is largely dues to the efforts of Marg Hoganson, who moved here four years ago, brining with her six years of experience as a volunteer in Halifax.

Birthright is non-sectarian, non-profit and designed to help any women greatly disturbed by an untimely or unwanted pregnancy. Its volunteers aim to turn an initially distressing situation into a positive and life-giving experience.

Birthright provides pregnant women with various kinds of assistance with various kinds of assistance, including helping them to access existing resources according to their needs.

“We also lend a listening ear to the concerns of worried parent and prospective fathers,” Mrs. Hoganson points out.

Birthright PEI has a Board of directors headed by Wilf Discroll, known to many across Canada as the co-coordinator of the 1988 national pro-life convention held in Charlottetown.

The Board’s immediate priority is to raise enough money to install a toll-free telephone line and to publish daily advertisements to reach pregnant women in need of help.