The Canadian Nurse of March 1985, printed a summary of the Canadian Nurses Association’s (CNA) position on “nursing’s role in family planning.” It noted that the CNA had developed a number of position statements on nursing in health care and stated:


In its statement on nursing’s role in family planning, adopted in June, 1982, CNA recognizes that family planning is part of individual, family and community health care. CNA also believes that a part of the nurse’s role is to offer basic family planning information within the context of general nursing care. Provision of  services appropriate to the needs and welfare of the client/family takes precedence over the nurse’s personal beliefs. In addition, the Canadian Nurses Association believes that the nursing profession should actively promote 



                        ● awareness of an accessibility to family planning services

                        ● resolution of conflict between legal provision for care and individual needs

                        ● education on family planning for parents, teachers, community leaders and school children

                        ● collaborative relationships amongst involved groups


The April issue of The Canadian Nurse printed two letters from members of the association protesting such manipulation.                                                  AH