The November issue of Vie Ouvrière, a monthly Quebec periodical published by the Quebec province of an international Catholic religious order, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, carries an editorial approving of abortion.


The editorial is part of a “dossier” on abortion, with a “pro” and “con” set of articles. The dossier is entitled “Abortion: beyond good and bad.”  The article on “Pro-Life” has the mocking title: “Holy War;” the one on “Pro-Choice”: “The ethics of Respect.”  Other articles are entitled “Christians (which in French often means Catholics) who have abortions” and “In the Church: no unanimity.”


The editorial explains that the editors (“we”) have hesitated a long time to touch the issue of abortion. But the time has come to shatter “the oppressive silence” and “climate of fear” imposed by orthodoxy, the author, Raymond Levac, says. He then denounces and ridicules what he thinks “conservative forces” stand for (including “REAL Women” who, he claims have an “offensive” ideology of “putting women in their place.”)


Women must be guaranteed a true choice, the editor says. This includes “providing accessible abortion facilities for all women who judge it necessary to voluntarily interrupt their pregnancy and to see that these facilities provide the best conditions for the women’s physical and psychological health.”