Interim Staff:

Marianne Dose, a former Campaign Life Coalition office worker, died on July 12 at the age of 76.

Dose worked for CLC from 2000-2006, doing general office work, answering the phone, and inputting names and contact information into the organization’s database.

One year, she took part in the Silent No More witness following the National March for Life in Ottawa, telling the story of her own abortion.

CLC office manager Deny Dieleman told The Interim that Dose “was very dedicated to the cause to the point that her working in the office hurt her mental health since it reminded her of the abortion that she had.”

Campaign Life Coalition president emeritus Jim Hughes recalls that “Marianne was quiet but dedicated to God,” with Dieleman saying “She could and did talk to anyone about Him — he was the mainstay in her life.”

Co-workers recalled Dose caring about others, remembering their birthdays and praying for them. Hughes said that she would constantly ask her coworkers if she could pray for them and their intentions.

Dieleman said Dose, “would call up even when she was housebound and ask about others, would offer to pray for them and always said that she was praying for our pro-life work.”

A celebration of her life was held at St. Clair Evangelical Missionary Church in Toronto on July 23.