Drs. J. White and K. Campbell of Brantford, Ontario, both quit committing abortions after a brave lawyer and a stubborn retired school caretaker picketed their homes.

Lawyer Paul Vandervet and Mr. Bill Fuller, Brantford residents and pro-life friends, picketed the doctors’ homes after picketing their offices failed to stop them from killing the unborn.

Home picketing seemed to do the trick. Dr. Campbell quit a year ago. At the end of June, Brantford General Hospital announced that Dr. White was quitting, the reason given that he feared being prosecuted under the provisions of Bill C-43, now stalled in the Senate.

Mr. Fuller’s four-by-eight foot professionally painted sign reading, ‘Adoption, not abortion’ in front of his home has been a continuing annoyance to the pro-abortionists in the area.

The attractive sign is located on a busy main thoroughfare in a light industrial zone of Brantford.

During the year the sign has been up, people have tried to chop and burn it down. But Mr. Fuller is determined to keep the sign up. He has been visited on one occasion by two over-zealous Brantford bureaucrats who (showing their pro-abortion bias) tried unsuccessfully to get him to sign a form admitting the sign was illegal.

On another occasion, a Brantford city lawyer phoned him to say that the charges for having an illegally-placed billboard were being withdrawn.

Later, however, they proceeded with them in an underhanded way. Fortunately, Mr. Fuller learned about this trick and was able to secure a postponement. He says that he never intends to take the sign down, no matter what any pro-abortionists tell him.