So you thought you could protect your own family, inside your own house? Guess again.

In many Canadian cities, right now, abortion counselling advertising has been quietly deposited in householders’ homes without their knowledge or permission.

All your son or daughter has to do, to get free access to pro-abortion counselling, is to pick up the White Pages of your own 1983 telephone and look up “Abortion…”  There it is, in your kitchen, or hallway, or den.

The following is taken directly from the Toronto Ontario, White Pages for 1983.

Mr. J. V. Raymond Cyr

President, Bell Canada

1050 Beaver Hall Hill

19th Floor

Montreal, P. Q.

H2z 1S4

Perhaps most shocking of all is the inclusion of numbers for referral services in other cities – in this case, numbers in Montreal, Detroit (Michigan), and New York City. Since the last-named is an expensive call, free for the caller, the lure of new business must be pretty strong.  How many Canadian cities have had other-country abortion-counselling services advertised in their White Pages?  Does this represent a new policy for Ma Bell?

What can one do to impede the operation of this new Trojan horse?

Tear out the entire page of the telephone book and send it along with a loud letter of complaint to:

Hon. Francis Fox

Minister of Communications

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ont.

K1A 0A6                                                                  E.M.