The world’s largest abortion provider is worried that if it does not expand it might get “frozen right out of the system.”

Founded in 1917 by Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood America has made millions of dollars by pushing its agenda of birth control and abortion.

Now, however, the group has seen its fortunes threatened as many U.S. states are directing low-income, Medicaid patients toward lower-cost health-care operations.  Since the bulk of Planned Parenthood’s patients are derived from this low-income bracket, the organization has been forced to find other ways of making money.

The group snow looking to turn its abortion centres into “health-care centres” which, as well as doing abortions and dispensing contraceptives, would also treat basic ailments like flu, broken bones, etc.

One organization official said the move would put Planned Parenthood on the “threshold of an era.”  However, an internal memo out of a Eugene, Ore. Centre, suggests that the organization is “rolling the dice on a decision that may destroy” it.