Interim special

The sign outside the building read: Clear Choice Parental Center. Kind of a euphemism, since what went on there and nothing to do with parenting. But “choice” was the buzz word. It told everybody: abortions are performed here. “Hundreds” of them in the two years the clinic operated, according to Dr. John Nwannunu, who runs it, and two others in an around Gary, Ind.

That’s what he told Bishop Dale J. McLczek of Gary when he telephoned him recently. He called to say, “I will never do another abortion.” And he called to tell him why

Gary, Ind, is about 40 kilometers along Lake Michigan from Chicago, where Cardinal Joseph Bernardin died Nov.14. The media were saturated with the Bernardin story for months, weeks and especially the days when death drew near and was greeted “as a friend” by the Cardinal, who as universally love in the area.

Dr. Nwannunu made his decision in honor of Cardinal Bernardin’s death,” Bishop Melczek revealed. The story about it appeared on the Life site Service wire, and was picked up from the North West Indians Catholic, newspaper of the Gary Diocese. It bears mentioning that the story didn’t reach any of the secular media in the communications capital of the world.

Rethinking position

“He was so impressed by Cardinal Bernardin’s consistent and total stance in behalf of life, his respect for the dignity of life. It made him rethink his position,” Bishop Melczek said. “He was impressed by the cardinal’s letter to the Supreme Court the week before he died. He was so moved by that. He stressed this is why he had a change of heart.”

Cardinal Bernardin, so near death from cancer, asked the justices to rule against doctor-assisted suicide, “because there can be no legal and moral order which tolerates the killing of Cardinal Bernardin’s words, and his witness to the sacredness of life, would touch people deeply enough to change hearts.

Bishop Melczek said of Dr. Nwannunu’s change of heart “This is a miracle.

Bishop Melczek, himself, has celebrated pro-life Masses and led Rosary processions to Dr. Nwanuunu’s facility in Merrilville near Gary. He told the people who have prayed there about the doctor’s call. And he told the people at weekend Masses and a Confirmation he celebrated. Each time, he said, “The place broke into applause.”

“My point was that we are all called t live by the Gospel of life and witness to it, and we never know how far-reaching our witness will be,” he said.

The doctor who will never perform another abortion told Bishop Melczek, “you can come and get the equipment.”

The bishop didn’t see the need. He told the doctor’s word. But the bishop said he did drive by the clinic the next day.

“The sign was down” he said.

Anne Buckley (via Pro-Life News)