X-rated scenes found in pro-life film


Police in Manitoba and Ontario have still not discovered how X-rated sex scenes were copied on to 14 Beta-format videotapes of Bernard Nathanson’s film The Silent Scream, ordered and distributed by Canadian pro-life activist Joe Borowski.


According to Mr. Borowski, the pornographic scenes were discovered by one of his helpers after most of the tapes had been sent out to priests and politicians.

Of 36 tapes ordered from a Toronto distributor, 21 were VHS format and they were unaltered. However, 14 of the 15 Beta format tapes contained six minutes of smut edited in to each of the tapes at exactly the same spot, about 10 minutes into the tape.


Pat Gerretsen, a Toronto film producer said that, “Because of the precision and quantity this has to be the work of professionals with professional equipment available to them. This was not done simply by someone with two video machines.”


Mr. Borowski has since found another distributor for The Silent Scream to supply him with tapes.




Pro-abortion doctors in Manitoba


Mary Etkin, spokesman for a pro-abortion group of doctors in Manitoba known as Manitoba Physicians for Reproductive Choice, told Elizabeth Gray of CBC Radio’s “As it Happens” on Monday, May 27, that his group had submitted a brief to the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons. The brief, Mr. Etkins explained on the air, contained the “Standards of the [American] National Abortion Federation…a fairly lengthy document which outlines standards for [American] abortion facilities.”


Etkin, who claims to speak for “about 100” of his group, was critical of the College for “interpreting the law” in refusing Morgentaler a license to practice medicine in Manitoba. Etkin felt they “should stick to medical issues.” Pressed by Ms. Gray about the many medical issues involved including access to a hospital and complete pathologists’ reports, Etkins admitted that Morgentaler, as an out of province doctor, did not have hospital privileges as required by Manitoba law nor did he send the (“tissue”) remains of the aborted children from the abortion clinic to a pathologist, also as required by law. He explained that he and his group consider these “medical precautions” to be “red herrings” and quite unnecessary.