Manitoba’s Premier Howard Pawley went on a fact-finding mission throughout his province in early January. Mr. Pawley and most of his NDP cabinet are strong advocates of abortion-on-demand and, in fact, his party has a policy for unrestricted abortion in its platform. However, after his fact-finding mission, Pawley may not be so keen to impose his pro-abortion views on the population of Manitoba. This is due to the fact that one of the strongest messages Manitobans gave to Pawley was that they do not want abortion and further, they want the government to stop Morgentaler’s illegal abortion clinic in Winnipeg. It is no secret that Pawley’s government got in, not so much because the population was for him, as the population against Sterling Lyons, the former Conservative premier.

If the Premier does not respect the wishes of the Manitobans on the abortion issue, he may find the population against him in the next provincial election.