Vegreville, Alberta

On May 14, Deputy Prime Minister, Dan Mazankowski met with a group of pro-life constituents, including Campaign Life Coalition representatives, in his riding in Vegreville, Alberta. In defending his government’s failure to bring forward pro-life legislation, Mazankowski used the views of “the Bishops” to brush aside the Coalition’s demand for full legal protection for the unborn. James Albers, president of the Alberta wing of the group said that Mazankowski’s attitude towards them was nasty, hostile and contemptuous.

Staff and representatives of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) are known to have quietly met with government officials in Ottawa.

What exactly was said to the cabinet ministers by the CCCB representatives is not known, but Mr. Mazankowski clearly believed a strict pro-life bill to be simply ludicrous. He seemed to think that he had support for such a view from CCCB officials.