Washingtonpro-life physicians in the United States have formed a new organization. The American Academy of Medical Ethics (AAME). This new group will not infringe upon or take over the function of any existing group. However, doctors have felt increasingly that there is a real need for a strong pro-life medical voice on Capitol Hill and before the press. As physicians, their voices have been too faint and too fragmented. A good recent example of this need occurred last winter when the American  Medical Association (AMA) came out with their “ethics” statement that a patient in a permanent comatose condition could be starved to death. National Right to Life protested, but no unified pro-life medical voice was there to be heard to counterbalance that deadly statement.


The AAME intends to publish a bi-monthly newsletter to its members. Its purpose will be to educate and sensitize doctors to pro-life medical issues and then to direct their lobbying and public activity in fruitful pro-life directions. It will act as their voice to testify and lobby before legislatures and other public bodies. It will be a public relations voice. It will hold press conferences and issue press releases. In a word, it will fill a void that badly needs filling.

Its first officers are Dr. Curtis Harris, president; Dr. Bernard Nathanson, vice-president; and Dr. J. D. Wilke, secretary-treasurer.