City Council in St. John’s, Newfoundland recently overruled an appeal board that had declared the new Morgentaler abortuary suitable for the area it was operating in.

Six out of the eight sitting councilors voted to overrule the appeal board, pro-life councilor Dorothy Wyatt told The Interim.

Eviction notice

Council is resisting a threatening letter from Morgentaler’s lawyers (all the way from Cambridge, Ontario!) to rescind the eviction notice. The councilors are preparing to go to court, Ms. Wyatt said, despite the view of their solicitor that they can’t win and it’s “going to cost the taxpayers a lot of money.”

“What is money – when we’re dealing with the issue of the life and death of the unborn?” said Wyatt. She is confident the new council will stand with her. Right now, a number of the members are new, she said. They want information as to what went on in the past couple of months while the abortuary, licensed under the guise of a ‘health clinic,’ was set up.

“I just love that term ‘abortuary’ said Wyatt. “I know it’s not in the dictionary but that’s what it is – a place to kill, a place to murder. I had to tell the former mayor what ‘abortuary’ meant and then he ended up using it all the time. And I’ve noticed that the media in St. John’s have picked it up.

“Another thing that makes me angry is that I know of a couple here in St. John’s who have been waiting 12 years to adopt a child and they finally had to go to Romania to get one. And they’re killing them right here at Morgentaler’s.

Wyatt is a lively, enthusiastic person who was elected December 1 as a councilor-at-large on an openly pro-life platform.


Since the eviction notice was posted on the front door of his abortuary in October 1990, Morgentaler has arrogantly ignored it and carried on committing abortions. He even had an open-house social a short while ago which two male doctors, one female doctor and several nurses were stated to have attended.

Peggy Neisener – in her late forties, Ontario license plates on her car – is in charge of the abortuary. She invited St. John’s Right to Life president Philomena Rogers to see the new abortuary but she declined, saying, “Do you think I want to go into any place where murder is being committed?”

One of the new councilors-at-large, Wendy Williams, is a radical feminist, director of Planned Parenthood, president of the local Status of Women and a personal friend of Morgentaler. She got him to postpone the official opening of the abortuary until after the election.

Four thousand people have since signed a petition urging her to resign because of her close connection with Morgentaler. However, the newly elected mayor, Suzanne ‘Shannie’ Duff, is also pro-life as are most of the council.

Peaceful vigil

According to Philomena Rogers, every day a peaceful vigil goes on in front of the abortuary. Father John Madigan led a large delegation of members of the Catholic Women’s League recently in prayer in front of the abortuary, she said. The very same day the Pentecostal Assembly and the Salvation Army (majors and their wives) led large groups in prayer, each over three hour periods in front of Morgentaler’s abortuary. Since the ‘clinic’ opened, 70 new people have joined Right to Life in St. John’s Ms. Rogers reported, and they’re still joining.

The Pentecostal Assembly of Newfoundland sent an unsolicited letter to Right to Life, offering their total support.

Right to Life/St. John’s is a non-political organization that operates Elizabeth House, a home that can accommodate five mothers-to-be. It has an annual budget of $100,000, raised largely by contributions from the community. Four new Right to Life organizations are currently being set up in Newfoundland.