On October 2, on the occasion of the Ontario Supreme Court of Appeal ordering a new trial for abortionist Morgentaler and his associates, Morgentaler and Reverend Ken Campbell, head of choose Life Canada and Morgentaler’s next door neighbour in Toronto, held back to back press conferences at the Toronto Press Club.

Morgentaler, his legal counsel Morris Manning, Carol Lindberg of the Canadian Action Rights Abortion League and Debra Gardner of the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics took questions from the press regarding the recent appeal decision.

Morgentaler speaking of “déjà vu,” with reference to his 1974 verdict in Quebec, continued to play his old and worn record about the law being dangerous to women but asked that the state pay for his trial and appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Reverend Campbell, who was present and loudly chuckling through some of Morgentaler’s harangue, took the podium after the pro-abortionists were finished.  Before reading from a prepared statement he defended his laughter over Morgentaler’s comments as “a civilized response to a public criminal flaunting the law of the land.”

Reverend Campbell’s statement contained an outline of the violations occurring at Morgentaler’s abortuary and a demand that the Attorney General and Police Chief Marks close it down.  He said if this was not done he would attempt a citizen’s arrest of Attorney General Ian Scott for failing to perform his sworn duty.  He did not say when he would attempt to do this.