On September 21, the day of the giant pro-life rally in Toronto, Artists for Life held their first group show in the gymnasium of St. Joseph’s College School on Wellesley Street.  According to spokesman Paul Arteau, one of the exhibitors, it was an unqualified success.

“We had over 200 people sign our guest book and more than 3,000 came through to view the work,” he said.

The show consisted of the paintings, drawings and sculptures of eight artists: Paul Arteau, David Lloyd, Godwin Cotter, Harry Puno, Sybil Mackintosh, Dennis Barnes, Carl Scharfe and George Lee.  There was a special section set aside for an original work of William Kurelek which proved to be very popular according to Paul.  Also there was a large photo exhibit of picketers in action over the past 10 months.

Paul Art (Arteau) is also a performance poet and he performed some of his poetry live on the stage in the gym.

“There are bigger and better things to come,” reports Paul as the group is busy preparing for its next show.  A number of works were sold and a number of new projects undertaken (for one thing, a new pro-life cartoon-like magazine is planned).

“The artist seeks a harmony with life and in no way can he ever support its destruction at the hands of an abortionist,” says Paul.