On November 20, 1990, ten Toronto rescuers appeared before Judge Mercer. They were represented by counselor, Paul Chumak.

Charges went back to July 14, 1990, when the ten pro-lifers were arrested and charged with mischief and blocking the entrance to Dr. Monole Buruiana’s abortuary in the east end of Toronto. Receiving sentence were:
Adriana Bannon, Stratford
George Denish, London
Rev. Ken Campbell, Toronto
John McCash, Toronto
John Moore, Toronto
Linda Maxwell, London
Diane Malard, Sarnia
Rosemary Egan, London
John Laviolette, Jackson’s Point
Mary Roberts, Toronto

Mr. Laviolette spent three days in Toronto’s Don Jail without his medication for diabetes.


In his summation Judge Mercer asked Rev. Ken Campbell, “How would you like it if some people came to your place of work and interfered with your work?  I think you should think about that.”

To the others he said, “If you take the law into your own hands, we’ll have anarchy.”

Evidently, the judge did not see any difference between killing unborn children and various kinds of everyday work.

He levied a fine of $500 or 30 days in jail against Rev. Campbell and the others he gave a two-year suspended.