Interim Staff

A bright new pamphlet is being featured by the Toronto Metropolitan Separate School Board during Respect for Life Week in May this year. Called “Who Will Be Today’s Wilberforce?” it draws a startling parallel between the ready acceptance of slavery 200 years ago and the ready acceptance of abortion by many people today.

William Wilberforce was a Methodist British Member of Parliament who fought against slavery all of his life and achieved victory near the end of it when slavery was abolished in the Colonies and almost universally. It had been abolished in England 67 years before.

The school board purchased almost 7,000 copies of the startling colour pamphlet for distribution to each student in grade eight. Another 600 were donated by Life Ethics Educational Association, the initial publisher, for teachers, trustees and staff of the MSSB.

Trustee Michael Doyle spearheaded efforts to get the attractive, hard hitting pamphlets in to the schools.

“I hope it will remain a yearly part of the curriculum during Respect For Life Week. I think it’s a tremendous pamphlet and would convince almost a stone about the evils of abortion,” claims Doyle.

“Many other school boards have expressed interest in following our lead. I think it’s done in such an interesting and thought-provoking way that I think it should completely destroy pro-abortion sentiment. After all the students don’t want to look like they’re in favour of the slave trade,” he said.

So far, 65,000 pamphlets have been printed and another major printing is planned. It is being distributed in Canada, the United States and England.