On Wednesday, June 20, Kingston General Hospital held its annual Board of Governors meeting.  Two Vita-Campaign Life members are now Governors.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to amend a motion which ratifies the Actions of the Board of Directors annually, hoping to eliminate the approval of the Therapeutic Abortion Committee.  It ruled “out of order,” but under “new business” we moved “that the Governors direc6t the Management Committee to establish a viable counseling service to truly help women who are pregnant without offering the option of killing their child by abortion and that the Therapeutic Abortion Committee be disbanded.”

This motion was referred to the Management Committee for discussion and report to the next Governors meeting.

We learned that about three months ago a counseling service was established for women seeking abortion.

This gives us some hope.  The Hospital will discuss internally once again their killing policy and, if this counseling service is put into place offering a real alternative, everything could be ready for a disbanding of the committee.