As a parting gift to weary teachers heading got a much-needed summer vacation, the Women’s Liaison Committee of the Toronto Board of Education sent out a list of questions teachers should ask of candidates in the upcoming federal election.  The list appeared on a sheet circulated to all schools of the Board.

One of the eight sets of questions, headed “Reproductive Rights,” was prefaced by the statement” Young women and poor women have the least access to information or services related to birth planning. It suggests that a “no” to the questions meant the speaker was in favour of oppression and of ignorance.  The questions included these:

  • “Do you (the candidates) believe that abortion should be solely a mater between a woman and her doctor?”
  • “What is your party prepared to do so that all Canadian women will have access to information on birth planning and to contraception?”
Sly timing

This partisan pro-abortion propaganda was not accompanied by any material presenting another view of these issues.  The timing was such that anyone opposed to the Committee’s tactics and views would not protest until the schools were closed for the summer, when it was unlikely that any organized teacher opposition would coalesce.