The Montreal Gazette of February 11, 1985  reported that about 25 anti-abortionists marched outside Henry  Morgentaler’s East-end clinic on Saturday, February 9. The group also  picketed the Montreal  General Hospital on the same day and plans to continue staging demonstrations every weekend outside institutions where abortions are performed.

The picketing was organized by the Montreal coalition Pro-Life Action. It was the second two-hour weekend demonstration in a row. Twice the number of protesters participated in the Saturday demonstration of the previous week. A representative of Pro-Life Action blamed the cold weather for the lower turn-out on the second Saturday. In Ontario and the rest of Canada, Morgentaler and the media pretend that the people of Quebec have joyfully embraced abortion-on-demand clinics and that all opposition to them has evaporated. Montreal pro-lifers have picketed many tomes before but have gone unreported in the newspapers.