I woke Reggie Chartrand up when I phoned him in Montreal from Toronto. (He works shifts in a Montreal restaurant.)  The former militant separatist was a bit groggy but quickly got the cobwebs out of his head and was soon busy denouncing “Dr. Morgentaler Millionaire” for his killing of helpless babies in the womb.

Reggie is mounting a vigorous crusade against establishing abortion clinics in Quebec. He believes that the problem in Quebec is the same as in Ontario, that carefully picked juries of pro-abortionists freed “Dr. Death,” (as we referred to Morgentaler) in both provinces. Reggie has filed an official complaint against Morgentaler, charging him with conducting illegal abortions. After a considerable delay, the complaint will be heard in court on November 21, 1985.

Reggie denied newspaper reports that a wealthy Montreal woman had put $500,000 into his anti-abortion campaign and said that it sounded like a good Santa Claus story that he would like to come true. A man of modest means, Reggie needed free legal help for his court action and was happy to secure high-profile Frank Shoofy, a brilliant lawyer who was solidly pro-life. Unfortunately, on October 26, Mr. Shoofy was murdered. Reggie claims to have several other lawyers who are pro-life who are considering acting in his pro0life cause without charge.

Reggie also pointed out that similar charges against “Dr. Death” could be laid in Ontario, using the same National Film Board pro-abortion film Abortion Stories: North and South, which he is using. This film shows Morgentaler performing an abortion.

Mr. Chartrand noted that the abortion situation in Quebec is the same as in Ontario. The Quebec government also pays for abortions under their health plan.