“This (abortion) really does cut to the core of one of the key women’s issues in this country and gradually these people are taking their sheep’s clothing off, sort of one sleeve at a time.” – Liberal MP and Public Health Minister Carolyn Bennett

“The notion of state-imposed, third-party counseling as if we are children, as if we are not able to make our own decisions about our health and bodies, is to me, at the beginning of the 21st century, profoundly disturbing and, I dare sat it, is very frightening.” – Anne McLellan responding to Conservative Rob Merrifield’s suggestion that women seeking abortions receive counselling

“To insist that independent third-party counseling is required … really sounds as though it’s an attempt to put up a barrier to women to access abortion.” – Linda Capperauld, executive director of Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada, reacting to Merrifield

“The Conservative Party’s health critic is advocating a dramatic shift in abortion regulations by calling for third-party counseling for women who are considering terminating their pregnancies.” – Toronto Star, who sees any small change in the abortion status quo as “a dramatic shift”

“Whose rights are you going to take away tomorrow?” Immigration Minister Judgy Sgro to Harper

“I think you should always refer (women seeking abortions) to counseling.” – Paul Martin quoted by Toronto Sun columnist Linda Williamson, the same week Rob Merrifield made his comments.

“Martin said early in the campaign he was pro-choice with one caveat: ‘I think you should always refer to counselling.’ It’s the same basic thing Merrifield was flayed for implying.” – The Western Standard’s Terry O’Neill

“Harper clearly has strong convictions on abortion – otherwise, why not just take the line of least resistance and say he and his cabinet would oppose all attempts to introduce anti-abortion legislation?” – National Post columnist John Ivison accepting the Liberal line that Harper was pro-life

“I will never infringe on a woman’s right to choose. I will never infringe on the Charter of Rights.” – Stephen Harper

“But, Paul Martin, despite his strong Catholic faith, has said that he supports a woman’s right to choose.” – Ivison accepting the lie that one can be both a faithful Catholic and pro-abortion