Show the Truth went to “the hearts of darkness” when a recent tour took it to the major abortuaries of Toronto.

The August 9-13 engagement visited the Morgentaler, Scott and Cabbagetown abortuaries, as well as the lesser-known ones of Zarifi Markovic in north Toronto and Katherine Chu in Scarborough. As expected, the sight of large, graphic signs depicting aborted preborn humans did not sit well with abortuary-related staff.

In some cases, however, bystanders also had a reaction to the exhibits. On August 11 outside the Scott “Clinic” on Gerrard Street East, a red-faced, angry man claiming to live beside the abortuary approached Show the Truth participants and shouted about how his children were offended by the pictures being shown. He then proceeded to punch a couple of the signs (without damaging them) before storming off down the street.

Show the Truth personnel who have been at the location before said from their knowledge, they doubted any children lived in the buildings beside the Scott abortuary.

Toward the end of the exhibition that day, Scott “Clinic” manager Maria Corsillo – wife of head abortionist Robert Scott – emerged from her facility and engaged in casual conversation with a woman identified as an abortuary volunteer and escort. The two continued chatting and smiling for a long period of time on the steps of the abortuary, in apparently open defiance of the pictures that were staring right back at them.

Show the Truth leader Rosemary Connell said that at another exhibit the next day at the same location, another angry man approached participants and threw a bag containing dog excrement at one of the signs. Connell called 911 and two police officers remained on the scene for the rest of the exhibit to ensure there was no further trouble.

Connell expressed surprise and credited 51 Division Toronto police with an unusually high degree of co-operation this time around. That division has come into question in the past among pro-life activists for some of its actions regarding treatment of pro-life demonstrators and journalists.

Connell said a strong turnout of 50 people marked the Show the Truth demonstration in Vaughan. A damper was put on events, however, when a fender-bender accident involving three cars took place in front of participants. Show the Truth was then ticketed for an obscure by-law related to placards.

All in all, it was a bold and successful Show the Truth tour in Toronto in August. Participants not only reminded those involved in the taking of preborn life that what they are doing is wrong, but – as the graphic pictures attested – they illustrated it as well.