Toronto area pro-life supporters have stepped up the frequency of their pickets at the homes of Morgentaler abortuary employees.  Abortionist Nikki Colodny had her residence picketed twice in the past month and most recently, the Executive Administrator of the abortuary, Sharon Levy-Hardaker, has been picketed at home.

The two recent pickets of the Colodny house were planned as surprise events and held on weekday evenings.  Previous pickets of abortuary employees had been held on Sunday afternoons and advertised on Campaign Life’s public telephone hotline.  The evening pickets took abortionist Colodny by surprise.  In each case the picketers gathered outside her home at about six o’clock – shortly before the abortionist arrives home.  “She was certainly surprised,” said picketer Clayton Lee.  “Her car slowed right down as she came up the street and her mouth dropped open.”

The element of surprise is seen as important because it means that the abortionist never knows when the pickets will next be in place.  “The pickets may make life rough for the abortionist…but so it should be,” said picketer Helen Burnie.  “Anyone who makes a living killing unborn babies has to realize that their deadly occupation is going to be advertised to the neighbourhood.”

The abortionists continue their attempts to discourage the home pickets.  On the first evening picket, the husband of abortionist Colodny took a seat on the front verandah to read his evening newspaper.  Later two children were sent out of the house to eat ice cream and listen to their radio on the verandah.  The seeming intent was to show that the abortionist was unaffected by the picketing.  The oddity was that it was a cold evening and everyone else in town was indoors trying to keep warm.

Each picket at the Colodny house attracted about a dozen pro-lifers who walked quietly in front of the house.  The silence was broken on the first evening when Colodny’s husband appeared on the verandah.  Picket organizer Dan McCash, armed with a large picture of an unborn child, stood on the vacant lot next door and gave the abortionist’s husband a short lesson on the development of the child in the womb.

Picket organizers consider the recent pickets on the home of abortionist Colodny to have been a success. Each time the picketers have appeared, they have met passers-by who had been unaware that an illegal abortionist lived in the neighbourhood.